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  1. peskopata3

    open item_attr problem

    Hi guys should someone tell me how can i fix this problem ? if i edit bonuses like on image .. if i equip that armor my HP are in minus - 30k
  2. peskopata3

    open Searching this hairstyle

    Hi guys should someone link me this hairstyle ?
  3. peskopata3

    solved [HELP] Mount effects !

    Hi, should someone give me tutorial how to add some effects on legs or i dont know maybe on tail, or where i want I dont understand this things That coordinates X / Y in .mse is totally complicated for me I dont know what coordinates is for tail or for legs idk Thanks for help, and sorry for my english
  4. peskopata3

    solved [HELP] Ninja Daggers Shine

    Thanks guys
  5. Hi guys could someone help me with this ? please I need this effect on both daggers
  6. peskopata3

    solved 1