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  1. flexio

    open Block mob safezone / Move bosses

    Yes inside onmove, but for idle monster you can fix it inside calculate of move for all monsters. Like " if there is safe zone, dont go there" :D
  2. flexio

    open Block mob safezone / Move bosses

    What the hell, my solution for "Block mob safezone" is like your but delete victims in safe zone and cant be targete new in safe zone. Your solution use only returns,... + fixed "After you go out of safezone the mob will go for you. I haven't got a solution for that yet."
  3. flexio

    open Block mob safezone / Move bosses

    Better solution. trigger.cpp Find (inside class FuncFindMobVictim) under add char_state.cpp find under add find replace with find replace with
  4. flexio

    open Disconnect on a batt

    If you dont know where is error, just try add under each and can do same under
  5. flexio

    Dungeon Group's

  6. flexio

    python Sequence Generator

    Please dont use words from google and look into source
  7. flexio

    python Sequence Generator

    Disable sequence isnt all, you have to make a little change in buffer, like adjust size.
  8. flexio

    New Prices[SHOP](Without Shop Ex)

    Nice idea but -> can be coredowner ( item->GetAntiFlag() inside CShop::Buy(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE pos) ) Edit it like
  9. flexio

    open Charset in db

    no joo, česká komunita PS. SQL inject
  10. flexio

    Magical Damage Bug

    Try char_skill.cpp find edit to: Not tested.
  11. When a player write from channel 1 to 99(example) core drops. input_main.cpp else if (MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName())) change to else if (pkChr && MessengerManager::instance().IsBlocked_Target(ch->GetName(), pkChr->GetName()))