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  1. ragem0re

    open Win bonus when create char, how remove?

  2. ragem0re

    open FILE REQUEST: Updated Taskbar.tga

  3. ragem0re

    open SkillBook Name Bug

    check your skill proto. this bug happened to me when I disabled the wolfman macro under server-source, but the skill was still in db.
  4. ragem0re

    open Property already registered

    I don't think this causes your crash, it's just a warning
  5. PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp Py_InitModule("net", s_methods); Now every method/constants in void initnet() will be available through the net module. net.SetPhaseWindow() will call netSetPhaseWindow(), and finally this function referes to CPythonNetworkStream::SetPhaseWindow
  6. ragem0re

    open Database problem

    edit your db/ProtoReader.cpp
  7. ragem0re

    open Serverfiles cartof v1

  8. ragem0re

    open Problem with book 50300

    check player.skill_proto
  9. How do you calculate the chances?
  10. ragem0re

    python New class MoveImageBox

    published long time ago: or is there any improvement?
  11. ragem0re

    c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    I don't know what the definition of revision is for you, but this post was not meant to be ungrateful in any way. I will
  12. ragem0re

    c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    Please revise the client/root/ part. After adding all tooltips are gone like autopotion remaining count, wear timer.. There's no error in any syserr.
  13. ragem0re

    open BOX opening

    I think this is what you want
  14. ragem0re

    open Where i can find item-shop button?

  15. ragem0re

    I'm searching someone who can do a little function

    isn't the create_all command working?