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  1. Wow nice!
  2. Ready, added credits for the first design. Good luck.
  3. Who do you say that owns the rights?
  4. Oh, if only because I do not think so use it for about 6 months and never tube problems of that kind. All coding was created by Flying Men Development (NyBu). It is a very good code. Good luck.
  5. Sorry I do not quite understand your question.
  6. Hey Guys I want to share a site for SOMetin2 server edit while you were online. Download: Click Credits: * NyBu (Flying Men Development) * Ayaka * Wered $$ Sorry for my bad English. Kings Regards Wered $$.-
  7. Hey guys. Today i decided to release some websites and other published designs made by me and some people simply say they were public when none was. Some of these designs were for sale a while but no one bought for the same reason dimensioned before. All bring the same PSD and HTML+CSS+JS encoding. Webdesign Series Gods of Games One. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click Credits: * Dkarts * Saomt2 Team. * Wered $$ Webdesign Series Gods of Games Two. (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD) Download: Click Webdesign Series Gods of Games Tree. (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD) Download: Click Share some designs I've already shared before but this time will have their PSD files included. Forest2 Webdesign. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click Story of Metin2. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click I hope you like! Kinds Regards Wered $$.-
  8. I personally have not, but you can remove, or adapt it. Sorry for my bad English, i am Spanish. Good luck. Wered.-
  9. I meet share, anyone can edit as best choice. Thank you all. King regards. Wered.-
  10. Good Luck.
  11. Hi M2Dev. I want to share an interface for performing Web Design Classic Metin2 to share a few days ago. Link the post of full Website: Click To install just replace images. Link: Click Kind Regards. Wered
  12. Yes brother.
  13. Hi! As you know I'm already selling some small very good designs, to have no problem with one of them because its interface and edited only share your code with its original design. It is the classic of officers in its glory as it were. I have searched many forums and in all your link is down, this in Spanish at 90% and is very good, very stable and useful in many ways. Add a screenshot that and get on google, is in English but serves as a reference! Download: Click If you have any error let me know to help since I have edited and tested the design, and improved this or not. I hope you like it, I'll be sharing some designs, you! PS: Sorry for my bad English Wered $.
  14. Skype: edson.caceres1
  15. Help me please! BUMP!