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  1. bigdon

    Interface Translate HELP

    in locale/es/ui/windows/windows.dds
  2. bigdon

    Webdesign Classic Metin2

    Site full: https://mega.nz/#!5MsDlIRa!m_5fb2bGpNzZp7_gKNDy7nLBeenvTA7YaF8nzKX7mvU Edit interface design: https://mega.nz/#!5MkCEKCI!E7wrtBFf1NWVySCA1lU8W1BATy8ZugfLTqq4k2xL5Eg Good luck.
  3. Sorry, was a stupid question, very good system thank you very much for it.
  4. Excellent! Thanks!
  5. http://prntscr.com/e73y01 It does not work, that's why I asked.
  6. Key for download please! http://prntscr.com/e73gn2
  7. bigdon

    Metin2Board Theme

    I can adapt the classic design in version 4.1, add me to skype and talk better, I have some references. Good luck.
  8. bigdon


    Wow nice!
  9. bigdon

    [FREE] Webdesigns (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD)

    Ready, added credits for the first design. Good luck.
  10. bigdon

    [FREE] Webdesigns (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD)

    Who do you say that owns the rights?
  11. Oh, if only because I do not think so use it for about 6 months and never tube problems of that kind. All coding was created by Flying Men Development (NyBu). It is a very good code. Good luck.
  12. Sorry I do not quite understand your question.
  13. Hey Guys I want to share a site for SOMetin2 server edit while you were online. Download: Click Credits: * NyBu (Flying Men Development) * Ayaka * Wered $$ Sorry for my bad English. Kings Regards Wered $$.-
  14. Hey guys. Today i decided to release some websites and other published designs made by me and some people simply say they were public when none was. Some of these designs were for sale a while but no one bought for the same reason dimensioned before. All bring the same PSD and HTML+CSS+JS encoding. Webdesign Series Gods of Games One. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click Credits: * Dkarts * Saomt2 Team. * Wered $$ Webdesign Series Gods of Games Two. (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD) Download: Click Webdesign Series Gods of Games Tree. (HTML+CSS+JS+PSD) Download: Click Share some designs I've already shared before but this time will have their PSD files included. Forest2 Webdesign. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click Story of Metin2. (HTML+CSS+PSD) Download: Click I hope you like! Kinds Regards Wered $$.-
  15. bigdon

    Webdesign Classic Metin2

    I personally have not, but you can remove, or adapt it. Sorry for my bad English, i am Spanish. Good luck. Wered.-