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  1. attila1995

    Kingdom Map - Map1 Remake [Preview] 3x3

    Could i have a discord address?
  2. attila1995

    open Problem with offer exp to guild

    Try to take this modification out (or switch to the backup) and after again put it in... and be careful.
  3. attila1995

    open How to maintain active skills after changing CH

    I gues it's a bug on your server, bcs the skills and so mutch another things are saved in an affect in database with own identity number and affect flag. It's default thing on all server... it would be good to check it...
  4. attila1995

    open communication between the core

    You can send packets via DB... ( Game to DB - DB to Game (to all or just one) ) - It's the integrated communication procedure... Let's look around in the sources. You will found it if you have any brain... Good lucky..
  5. attila1995

    map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Can someone reupload it?
  6. attila1995

    [NEW] Core Downer

    Yeah, but it will not make a problem, bcs otherwise it is necessary in the code, if we would like to work like a programmer and if we want a looks good code. This modification is correct.
  7. attila1995

    [How-To]Guild Messages Limit

    It`s not a good idea, bcs this modification uses mysql query request in every checking time. So if anybody attacks the server by send guild comment by spam bot , the mysql server will get so mutch request and that will causes slowdown on the mysql server, and that can make some problem during server running, for example the login will be very slow and etc. I don`t recommend this. There are another better ways to fix this problem.
  8. attila1995

    c++ Chat history update

    Did you see that bug, when you choose a chat mode in chat history dialog and after you open the chat edit dialog (Enter) you can see first four chat messages don't show in chat list if those four chat message's modes are same with selected chat mode, but if you don't set top it (click for the chat edit dialog), it works everytime. It is tipical bug, this bug is in orignal Metin2 too. Can somebody to fix it? I tryed it, but i dont know to how to fix it.
  9. attila1995

    open Client error

  10. attila1995

    open Client error

    Hey, someone know to what is this? Please, help me. The ExeError log:
  11. attila1995

    open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    Thank you Istny!
  12. attila1995

    open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    Thank you for zero answer.
  13. attila1995

    open How to make one pack file with PackMaker?

    Up. Guys.
  14. Hi all. I have got a question, if you can help me. How to editing the source of PackMaker for that only one pack file make/enpack and extract/unpack? I hope for you answer to my question. Thank you very mutch.
  15. attila1995

    [How] ~Epk + Eix~

    Up. Who know, how to modifing eterpack source for one pack file creatig? Epk+eix