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  1. open [c++]Check PvP

    This is the only way to use IsFight but you need to find victim CPVP kPVP(GetPlayerID(), pkVictim->GetPlayerID()); CPVP * pkPVP = Find(kPVP.m_dwCRC); if (pkPVP || pkPVP->IsFight())
  2. [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    Can someone post english txt protos?
    1. Marggraf


      omg.you are very stupid deyan aka frunza

  3. Anyone know how to solve this?
  4. Hi , i have a problem with a client source, after all compile there show: Il mismatch between 'P1' version '20100826' and 'P2' version '20081201' I use visual studio 2010 with sp1
  5. Item_scale sash

    send me pm
  6. Directx 9 bug

    where can i find a tutorial for this update?
  7. Looking for illumina interface [code]

    Why are you spaming here on searching topic?
  8. Python dev for taskbar

    I am searching for someone who can create code for a taskbar. I pay with paypal. Send me pm or add me on skype. (My skype on profile)
  9. Delete

  10. Hi dev i am seraching illumina interface code for taskbar,charater window,guild window etc. I pay for this. (PayPal) Pm on Skype you have it on my profile.
  11. Looking for designer

    I am looking for someone who can translate some buttons, i have only png from these. Send me pm with your skype and we talk there. I pay for this.
  12. [BUY]Karma2 Login Interface

    Hi devs i am seraching for karma2 login,select,create,empire interface. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4BPluHOPf0 Skype:-EDIT- Payment method PayPal