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  1. panher


    self.xboartd.SetPosition(60-15, 57-15-20-7)
  2. panher

    [c++] Ungroup client on taskbar

    güzel mevzuyu anlamayan arkadaşlar şöyle anlatabilirim. araç çubuğunuzda minimize yani küçült(aşağı al) butonuna aldığınızdada aynı oyundan iki tane client çalışıyorsa ayrı ayrı gösteriyor zaten gereksiz You Lose
  3. panher

    [Soon] Professional Biolog System (Full C++)

    unnecessary vacancies no qui bug question full official go.
  4. panher

    cshybridcrypt ??

    test patch http://www.mediafire.com/download/1l4b4ww0huislif/metin2_patch_5th_armor.rar all securty locked
  5. Problem type4 packed server package error package type4 please ?
  6. panher

    Multi-Language Quest 3.0

    Translate.lua /usr/game/share/locale/turkey/translate.lua Gamesrc/game/src/questlua.cpp "%s/translate.lua" %s/ <-- Turkey, Germany, Mexico, English, Romania Gameforce quest list text editing works instantly player table 'lang' Turkey, Germany, Mexico, English, Romania yea
  7. panher

    Simple Anti Cheat with python

    wow perfect koray, urllib.urlopen(DATA_URL + "hack.php?oyuncu=" + player.GetName() + "&server=" + str(net.GetServerInfo().split(',')[0]) + "&hack=" + l[0]) hack.php or sql table please necessary test_url = urllib.urlopen(url + "/offline_pn.php?mode=add&sender=" + player.GetName() + "&reciever=" + name + "&txt=" + constInfo.chat_string.replace(" ", "%20")).read() PHP data not sql please help sql? Koray?
  8. Cython Service Do you need help to cythonize your client, even though I also made a video-tutorial for it? This service includes: rootlib cythonization creation uiscriptlib cythonization creation code normalization of your pack\root\*.py files code normalization of your pack\uiscript\*.py files cython implementation in your launcher’s source code files ToS At the moment of the payment, you can ask to receive one-time help to compile and setup your machine for such service, until the work provided is working as expected (no post-sell service is provided; even though it’s not an obligation, I usually answer free-of-charge in my free time) I usually provide the relative “help” using a “teamviewer program like”, and you’re free to record the whole session. The interaction between us is usually made through Skype. If you’re a team/group of friends purchasing this service, I’ll interact with only one of you. Re-selling, or leaking part-or-all my work is forbidden; I can stop providing you any contact, service, updates if provided, and anything else on my whim. https://mega.nz/#!twIhkRaY!S1PmSk6fseexeCJk84gi6t4KilWJt-hLIwbhUT4ClfI I'm looking to buy protection system if I want to solve how to make the necessary files TYPE =6 Client SRC////EterPack COMPRESSED_TYPE_NONE = 0, COMPRESSED_TYPE_COMPRESS = 1, COMPRESSED_TYPE_SECURITY = 2, COMPRESSED_TYPE_PANAMA = 3, COMPRESSED_TYPE_HYBRIDCRYPT = 4, COMPRESSED_TYPE_HYBRIDCRYPT_WITHSDB = 5, COMPRESSED_TYPE_COUNT = 6,
  9. panher

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    Thank You Koray Perfect Men Megaco.nz Link Donwload the same https://mega.nz/#!1xp0BQAS Pass : !vbhtZi5atE4wDoAMS9sQUASggvJNvjIP5CWk1eOiYBM
  10. Removing the encryption system ymir, Webzen that, gameforge compatible full pack max 50mb, 100mb transferred into ready to play. AutoPatcher size up to 10MB To download the provided 50,100mb (tpye) 1, 2, 3, 4, --- 5.6 Lzo We do not use the full installation We are entering upload files installed on Gameforge. 1GB file .rar 40 minutes 10 + 100mb plug-new PvP 5 minutes
  11. panher

    Weird Thing About HybridCrypt Encryption?

    Ymir Protection binary +lib knowledgeable person looking for
  12. panher

    C++ / Python Critical Effect

    What's ,What's
  13. panher

    [Python] EXP bug in 34k clients

    the end 34k ^^
  14. panher

    Ingame screen recorder

    I need it
  15. panher

    [BUY] Client Encryption

    Send to examine the package