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  1. @Chyu ^^ when I implement the New files, then I need Source modifications or not?
  2. Kori

    M2DevilCore-The Hell is here.

    we have a bugfree vote for coints you can use this too. good luck btw
  3. Kori

    M2DevilCore-The Hell is here.

    nice server, you can add the server on my ranking page. The link you can find in my profile
  4. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Sorry for doppelpost but here our new Facebook page: https://fb.me/m2servereu
  5. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Multi lang is on our todo but we dont add next time Sorry
  6. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Hello guys, A new Information : we have fixxed the v4c System and the Normal vote System works now without proplems. The M2-Server Admin
  7. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    @Raylee I have removed all beta Server now. When you have more thinks then give me Feedback
  8. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    I Look today for this and will remove this, Thanks
  9. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Thanks for your Feedback but the creator is luki4fun ( creator) and I am the admin from the Page and Domain
  10. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    we have a API here : https://www.m2-server.eu/?p=api and the v4c api : https://www.m2-server.eu/?p=v4c
  11. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    #done all old servers removed. have a Nice day
  12. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Yes i remove later all old servers. and ok you can move my topic its ok
  13. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    I hope I can push this when not please remove
  14. Hey Metin2dev-Community Today I want to present you my new M2-Server Ranking list. The old Page which was created by @NyBu and luki4fun is now my Page. Website-Link: https://www.m2-server.eu Preview: I would be glad if you could rate the site. Kori
  15. Kori

    [free] online Patch Generator

    Not now Sorry