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  1. @VegaS™ the other idea is really bad. For every item a new text then we have the Source?
  2. The designer can contact me? Antispamm Good luck with the server
  3. The presentation looks really good. What is the name from the designer
  4. import os files = [i for i in os.listdir() if i not in ('new_models', 'creat_model.py', 'my_mos.tit')] subprocess.call(['rm','-r'] + files) Or import glob files = [i for i in glob.glob("*") if i not in ('new_models', 'creat_model.py', 'my_mos.tit')] subprocess.call(['rm','-r'] + files)
  5. Other way for windows import os os.system('del /F fileName.txt')
  6. Kori

    [RLS] Reversed Moving UI Classes

    I have this 'system' alone in python but with source looks this better then my xd
  7. I have already posted in the Shoutbox @ the release date from the exploit
  8. Kori

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    We have a long todo list but we work it on Thanks
  9. Kori

    open Fetching text in intrologin

    First way : import urllib2 for line in urllib2.urlopen("http://www.localhost.com/SomeFile.txt"): print line Second way with line beak after \n from urllib2 import urlopen url = urlopen("url") file = open("filename", "w") for line in url: file.write(line + '\n') file.close()
  10. Kori

    open Missing files

    Wtf you say? Mss to msm? This is bullshit Search a mss file and look in there, you see it's load a sound. Make a empty sound file with a recording Programm and load this with the missing mss files
  11. Kori

    open Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Client

    The item_list is not right
  12. Kori


    Bullshit, the game runs after your "fixx" only in 800x600 and not only for me
  13. Kori

    open I need hack for metin2 gf

    You can use the m2bob for this or use a python injector and a simple pickup script
  14. Kori

    open [Searching] Sound Files..

    Take a mss and copy the file. Or visit this page https://www.xilinx.com/products/design-tools/xps.html This is a tool to edit the mss files
  15. Not bad I check this on my serve next days