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  1. Do you know what is wrong?

    System Jotun thyrm


    1. arves100


      Missing something in SECTREE_MANAGER.h

  2. arves100

    open shutdown enable gm logged in

    ... shutdown the server = shutdown the server? It stop the entire server... My command only disconnects player, and that's ok for what you need. Then, you need to block client access if it's not gm and this special mode is enabled.
  3. Official root only have python part, you need to change python Graphic parts (PythonGraphicInstance.cpp i think?) because if you try '\n' you will see the square.
  4. That's because microsoft have wchar_t XD
  5. Called when you create a new shop (you can search this for the file): shop.BuildPrivateShop(self.title) self.Close() While you need this code for close a shop in 40k: shop.Close() m2netm2g.SendShopEndPacket() if self.tooltipItem: self.tooltipItem.HideToolTip() self.Hide() Where self.tooltipitem is the tooltip created, self.Hide = close window interface, self.Close private shop builded interface is closed, self.title = name of the shop. (NOTE: m2netm2g can be net in your python file) Check if you have all of this, if it dosen't work then you have a source problem, possible issues are shopClose and netSendShopEndPacket on UserInterface project
  6. arves100

    open Some problems in the inventory

    The files are ok, are you sure inventorywindow.py is fine?
  7. arves100

    open shutdown enable gm logged in

    I haven't test it, resport something...
  8. arves100

    open shutdown enable gm logged in

    I guess he needs this: File cmd_gm.cpp: class discall_func { public: discall_func() {} void operator () (LPDESC d) { if (!d->GetCharacter()) return; if (d->GetCharacter()->IsGM()) return; DESC_MANAGER::instance().DestroyDesc(d); } }; ACMD(do_disconnect_all) { const DESC_MANAGER::DESC_SET & c_ref_set = DESC_MANAGER::instance().GetClientSet(); discall_func func; std::for_each(c_ref_set.begin(), c_ref_set.end(), func); } cmd.cpp ACMD(do_disconnect_all); and { "dcall", do_disconnect_all, 0, POS_DEAD, GM_IMPLEMENTOR }, COMMAND: /dcall only Implementor
  9. Don't worry, NO packers can help you fixing this, blame MICROSOFT for this. Rename the file without korean stuff, pack it again and change the references.
  10. arves100

    open Mall Bonus ui Affect problem

    Have you tried a working root file? Python is responsable for showing the icons
  11. arves100

    open shutdown enable gm logged in

    syserr or any clue?
  12. arves100

    Updated XMLCreator

    This thing was made on 08-08-2016, I edited a very old release for 2k files. Link:https://mega.nz/#!IptGDSJK!xoz6wx1HZ13jd6IWuJOODTzYfolbKrEmLC4TLk_eZos Original author: LordKill in 2010 (from another forum) How to use it? Download ActionScript3 and run xml creator.au3
  13. arves100

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART2

    Stupid optimization in str_to_number conversion. utils.h //Replace: out = (long long) strtoull(in, NULL, 10); //To: out = strtoll(in, NULL, 10); //Replace: out = (unsigned long) strtoul(in, NULL, 10); //To: out = strtoul(in, NULL, 10); //Replace: out = (long) strtol(in, NULL, 10); //To: out = strtol(in, NULL, 10); //Add: inline bool str_to_number (unsigned long long& out, const char *in) { if (0==in || 0==in[0]) return false; out = strtoull(in, NULL, 10); return true; } WARNING: stroull is C++11 only, so stop using gcc4
  14. arves100

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    WTF? Use vs2017. Don't use 10 y/o compilers.