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  1. Clean source 40k: Find source_kr@zy on the internet, there is mainline_released (clean ymir source both client and server) Cleanest client? You can download any client, they usualy have just some few weapons you can remove or interface changes. Use root,locale and uiscript from mainline_released/Srcs/Client/bin Untouched 3k server files? You can download any 3k files you can find on the internet, then apply a 40k locale (like the leaked 2012 ymir locale)
  2. arves100

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Do you get any error before the linking issue? Like invalid dso file or something? Otherwise you're missing -lthecore in makefile or wrong folder (-L flag)
  3. arves100

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Add -m32 to db makefile CFLAGS, if its not fixed then build libthecore and link agains -lmysqlclient
  4. arves100

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Add -std=c++11 to all CFLAGS in Makefiles (You need gcc5 or greated) then gmake clean and gmake
  5. arves100

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Reason: Update to Crypto++ >= 6.0 Files to change: cipher.h (server: game/src/cipher.h, client: EterBase/cipher.h) Replace: byte* to CryptoPP::byte*
  6. arves100

    open freebsd 13.0 source compile

    Change g++48 to c++ and gcc48 to cc (You will need to use clang) or pkg install gcc7 (if any), change g++48 to g++ and gcc48 to gcc Change -mcpu to -march (all makefiles) Update boost to newer version Add -m32 to all makefiles Don't forget to compile all libraries (libthecore,libgame,libpoly,libserverkey)
  7. arves100

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    This project is unreal. I really like this revival projects, trying to update the old Metin2. Unfortunaly the old code is a crap, so it's kinda harder to get updated any time soon. At least you have a base to work with, you could recycle, or took inspiration from EterPack, EterPythonLib, GameLib, UserInterface, EterBase. You should not use Python for interfaces, like the old metin2 did, they don't have any gui designer, so devs have to do it manually, I suggest you using a library for that, or, using web technology (V8/ChakraCore/WebKit/...) At that point you could recicle the Server (if you manage to do almost all the basic game and networking). I think with Unreal Engine packs EterPack should not be needed to begin with XD. Finally, I hope you will succeed on what you want to do, in my opinion is a waste of time due to possible illegal issues with Webzen/Ymir, otherwise I would fairly try to contribute XD.
  8. arves100


    A sort of better fix is that if your checks fails for some reason, metin2 should use the first resolution that they can find. (from the GrpDetector file)
  9. arves100


    Because using the last element or sorting the avaiable devices for width was too hard, sigh ymir...
  10. Do you know what is wrong?

    System Jotun thyrm


    1. arves100


      Missing something in SECTREE_MANAGER.h

  11. arves100

    open shutdown enable gm logged in

    ... shutdown the server = shutdown the server? It stop the entire server... My command only disconnects player, and that's ok for what you need. Then, you need to block client access if it's not gm and this special mode is enabled.
  12. Official root only have python part, you need to change python Graphic parts (PythonGraphicInstance.cpp i think?) because if you try '\n' you will see the square.
  13. That's because microsoft have wchar_t XD
  14. Called when you create a new shop (you can search this for the file): shop.BuildPrivateShop(self.title) self.Close() While you need this code for close a shop in 40k: shop.Close() m2netm2g.SendShopEndPacket() if self.tooltipItem: self.tooltipItem.HideToolTip() self.Hide() Where self.tooltipitem is the tooltip created, self.Hide = close window interface, self.Close private shop builded interface is closed, self.title = name of the shop. (NOTE: m2netm2g can be net in your python file) Check if you have all of this, if it dosen't work then you have a source problem, possible issues are shopClose and netSendShopEndPacket on UserInterface project