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  1. arves100

    A reference to Metin2 development

    BUMP & UPDATE: wiki updated to the new type of project
  2. arves100


    Welcome to Metin2 development, here 80 or 90% of the people are probably reselling the same files with the same bugged released that someone do, without even knowing what a for does. They call them "Developers" but the only "Development" they can do is copy and selling, SURE that money will change your life and you could buy a Lamborghini. (I hav mad 100$$ out of skam XDXDXD imma a tru dev)
  3. arves100

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Maybe they saw that creating a Metin2 PServer is more profitable than working at Ymir, so they decided to allow people to leak the lateset root so they can use it along with the lateset source. (Pure speculation)
  4. arves100

    linux M2 port from FreeBSD to Debian (8/9)

    Gentoo as a server? I don't think is that optimized for server usage, also i don't think someone would like to build his entire system and wait a couple of hours (If you have a VPS or Slow pc) until he compiles the whole things. I remember the days when i had to patch FreeBSD 7.x kernel because a something wasn't included (don't remember what), the old 7 and 8 (even 9) aren't really easy to use, and you need to do some tricks to get them working, now days FreeBSD has changed and since version 10+ it's easier to install (Also supports Swaps) and have a nice package manager (Pkg) and updater.. Also, think a little bit about Metin2 with Linux, it's sure possible BUT you will see a lot of possible bugs and other boring things that you need to port on Linux. It's more stable to get them running on Windows Server rather then Linux. Finally, with BSD (if you really need Linux) you can get the linux applications running (I runned Hamachi for Linux under FreeBSD and it worked fine), but linux can't run BSD applications. I also have to say that GPL license is a nightmare when you need to develop any kind of application. (I mostly avoid gpl unless i have to create a complicated program that will go opensource)
  5. Please look my message

  6. arves100

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Wow that's a great news... just for us, i'm wondering how the gf boss will kill the employee. At least python part > c++ part... right? Up: Hey, there is a file list here (thinking)
  7. Build mariadb by src with a 32bit os/jail and use the same compiler version and same std flag,.
  8. arves100

    A reference to Metin2 development

    BUMP & UPDATE: The tutorial is finished, you will be able to fully compile a Metin2 Server. If you think i should add any other page, tell me and we can discuss On the wiki you can also find a general FAQ about fixing the common errors.
  9. arves100

    open Client Translation

    Do the same thing in root folder and uiscript files. Then it should work.
  10. UPDATE: Cache.cpp
  11. Keep in mind that the lateset version of MariaDB (FreeBSD 11.1 x64) is mariadb103 (100 for FreeBSd 11.1 x86). Also, mariadb dosen't load from /usr/local/etc/my.cnf anymore, they load my.cnf from /var/db/mysql. Only thing that change is the "window" keyword because it's reserved, otherwise it's the same
  12. Nothing really change a lot, only that it have 100% MariaDB support, the MySQL Connector gave to me a bug when using MariaDB
  13. UPDATE: Check out the "update" part to fix "Save item" problem.
  14. arves100

    open Client Translation

    Open locale.cfg paste this 0 1253 gr Create a locale_gr. Open all your locale/gr/ui/ python files and replace "/ro/" with "/gr/" also replace "\ro\" with "\gr\"