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  1. Welcome back! What happened to your project if I may ask? It's content was unique and professionally done, it would be a shame if all of it has been lost. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  2. It was actually posted 2 days ago.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 11th: Dear Eterhost clients, Most of our services should be back online now, If your service is still offline please contact us via ticket on our webpage. We will update you with another post a little bit later today to inform you about the situation and settle the compensations for customers which were affected by this downtime. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drama for nothing. Not sure if you guys are just collecting post count or pretending to be stupid. If you would follow them on social media, maybe you wouldn't be. Here is explained why did the downtimes happen: Kind Regards, Sonitex
  4. SERVER_NAME = "Metin2" SERVER_IP = "YOUR_IP" CH_NAME = "CH1" PORT_1 = 13000 PORT_2 = 11000 PORT_3 = 13099 STATE_NONE = "..." STATE_DICT = { 0 : "....", 1 : "NORM", 2 : "BUSY", 3 : "FULL" } SERVER01_CHANNEL_DICT = { 1:{"key":11,"name":CH_NAME,"ip":SERVER_IP,"tcp_port":PORT_1,"udp_port":PORT_1,"state":STATE_NONE,}, } REGION_NAME_DICT = { 0 : "", } REGION_AUTH_SERVER_DICT = { 0 : { 1 : { "ip":SERVER_IP, "port":PORT_2, }, } } REGION_DICT = { 0 : { 1 : { "name" :SERVER_NAME, "channel" : SERVER01_CHANNEL_DICT, }, }, } MARKADDR_DICT = { 10 : { "ip" : SERVER_IP, "tcp_port" : PORT_3, "mark" : "10.tga", "symbol_path" : "10", }, }
  5. Do /go 85 78 and use new coordinates in your quest...
  6. Told you.. Go in map with GM char, go to the place where you would like for players to be teleported and do /go with those coordinates. Then it will give you a message with new X Y which you replace in pc.warp(1000 , 1000)
  7. Do /go X Y and then it will give you some coordinates in the chat, use those.
  8. Why wouldn't that work if I may ask?
  9. Make a special map just for the dungeon, it is the best way. If you are using d.join you will not collide with others when they enter the map(2 groups at the same time) since you will be on different indexes. I guess you have to be in dungeon or something because it was working fine at me. And yeah I am not a professional programmer but I know a little bit of LUA, so I thought I could help you Still learning just like you. d.jump_all(512 +369, 5632 + 515) And use it like this, in both of your example you used it wrong. I hope I helped you
  10. 512 +369, 5632 + 515 Try like that, I forgot to tell you to ignore two zeros on the end ..
  11. Did you edit this? d.jump_all(MAP_X+X, MAP_Y+Y)
  12. quest spider_cave_boss begin state start begin when"Vizuina Reginei Paianjen" begin say_title("Vizuina Reginei Paianje") say("Doresti sa intri in vizuina Reginii Paianjen ?") say("") if select("Da", "Nu") == 2 then return else if party.is_party() then if party.is_leader() then if pc.count_item(30327) > 0 then say_title ("Vizuina Reginei Paianjen") say ("Esti pregatit sa intrii ?") local sc = select ("Da", "Nu") if sc == 2 then return else pc.remove_item(30327) d.jump_all(MAP_X+X, MAP_Y+Y) end if pc.count_item(30327) < 1 then say_title("Vizuina Reginei Paianjen") say("Nu detii Fluierul Arahnidelor !") say("") end else say("Nu esti liderul grupei !") end else say_title("Vizuina Reginei Paianjen") say("Nu faci parte dintr-un grup !") say("") end end end end end Try this one, remember to edit d.jump_all function.
  13. You have to put it at local select as well. local x = select("Yes", "No")
  14. Upload it somewhere else, but one thing I noticed you don't use "" when you are displaying a message to players