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  1. Sonitex

    open ANTI_FALL

    AddAffect(AFFECT_IMMUNE_FALL, POINT_IMMUNE_FALL, 100, 0, INFINITE_AFFECT_DURATION, 0, true); APPLY_IMMUNE_FALL It is already in the game..
  2. Sonitex

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    Did anyone else experience a problem with expansions dissapearing after like 10 minutes of players inactivity? It gets saved in database succesfully, but then if a player logs off, expansions will dissapear and you will have to unlock them once again. Records in database do not get deleted, but they do reset once the player unlocks 1st expansion for the 2nd time. Edit: Issue was laying in ClientManagerPlayer.cpp
  3. Sonitex

    open Passive Bonus and State Point - Metin2

    char.cpp -> "case POINT_LEVEL_STEP:" constants.cpp -> "TJobInitialPoints JobInitialPoints[JOB_MAX_NUM] ="
  4. Sonitex

    [Bugfix]Append selling price in private shop

    Woopsy, that function is from the offline-shop system that I am using. Thanks for the notice!
  5. Heya everyone, when you try to edit your private shop and add items that have ANTI_SELL flag, their price will not be shown. This feature was meant for NPC shops only, but they forgot to add a check. In uitooltip.py search for "def AppendSellingPrice" and edit it like the following: def AppendSellingPrice(self, price, isPrivateShopBuilder = False): if item.IsAntiFlag(item.ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SELL) and not isPrivateShopBuilder: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ANTI_SELL, self.DISABLE_COLOR) self.AppendSpace(5) else: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_SELLPRICE % (localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(price)), self.GetPriceColor(price)) self.AppendSpace(5) Then in "def SetPrivateShopBuilderItem" search for "self.AppendSellingPrice(shop.GetPrivateShopItemPrice(invenType, invenPos))" and replace it with: self.AppendSellingPrice(shop.GetPrivateShopItemPrice(invenType, invenPos), True) Not a game-breaking bug, but I still wanted to share it with you. It was already fixed by YMIR in their lastest patches(not sure when) so I chose their way of fixing it.
  6. Sonitex

    Budokan Quest (PVP ARENA QUEST)

    Taken from the public resources: Original: https://tinyurl.com/y98kkdfe
  7. Sonitex

    open Resistance HH

    Why don't you check the tutorial for adding the Magic Reduction bonus? I think you forgot to edit enum EApplyTypes. And I do not recommend to add a new bonus somewhere in the middle of others.
  8. Sonitex

    party invite

    game.py def AnswerPartyInvite(self, answer): if not self.partyInviteQuestionDialog: return partyLeaderVID = self.partyInviteQuestionDialog.partyLeaderVID #distance = player.GetCharacterDistance(partyLeaderVID) #if distance < 0.0 or distance > 5000: #answer = FALSE net.SendPartyInviteAnswerPacket(partyLeaderVID, answer) self.partyInviteQuestionDialog.Close() self.partyInviteQuestionDialog = None
  9. Sonitex

    open Solution

    UserInterface/UserInterface.cpp Set this variable to true. bool bPackFirst = FALSE;
  10. Sonitex

    open 2 bonus on stones

    def __AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(self, index, metinSlotData, custumAffectString="", custumAffectString2="", leftTime=0): slotType = self.GetMetinSocketType(metinSlotData) itemIndex = self.GetMetinItemIndex(metinSlotData) if 0 == slotType: return self.AppendSpace(5) slotImage = ui.ImageBox() slotImage.SetParent(self) slotImage.Show() ## Name nameTextLine = ui.TextLine() nameTextLine.SetParent(self) nameTextLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) nameTextLine.SetPackedFontColor(self.NORMAL_COLOR) nameTextLine.SetOutline() nameTextLine.SetFeather() nameTextLine.Show() self.childrenList.append(nameTextLine) if player.METIN_SOCKET_TYPE_SILVER == slotType: slotImage.LoadImage("d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/metin_slot_silver.sub") elif player.METIN_SOCKET_TYPE_GOLD == slotType: slotImage.LoadImage("d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/metin_slot_gold.sub") self.childrenList.append(slotImage) if localeInfo.IsARABIC(): slotImage.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - slotImage.GetWidth() - 9, self.toolTipHeight-1) nameTextLine.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - 50, self.toolTipHeight + 2) else: slotImage.SetPosition(9, self.toolTipHeight-1) nameTextLine.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 2) metinImage = ui.ImageBox() metinImage.SetParent(self) metinImage.Show() self.childrenList.append(metinImage) if itemIndex: item.SelectItem(itemIndex) ## Image try: metinImage.LoadImage(item.GetIconImageFileName()) except: dbg.TraceError("ItemToolTip.__AppendMetinSocketData() - Failed to find image file %d:%s" % (itemIndex, item.GetIconImageFileName()) ) nameTextLine.SetText(item.GetItemName()) ## Affect affectTextLine = ui.TextLine() affectTextLine.SetParent(self) affectTextLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) affectTextLine.SetPackedFontColor(self.POSITIVE_COLOR) affectTextLine.SetOutline() affectTextLine.SetFeather() affectTextLine.Show() affectTextLine1 = ui.TextLine() affectTextLine1.SetParent(self) affectTextLine1.SetFontName(self.defFontName) affectTextLine1.SetPackedFontColor(self.POSITIVE_COLOR) affectTextLine1.SetOutline() affectTextLine1.SetFeather() affectTextLine1.Show() if localeInfo.IsARABIC(): metinImage.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - metinImage.GetWidth() - 10, self.toolTipHeight) affectTextLine.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - 50, self.toolTipHeight + 16 + 2) else: metinImage.SetPosition(10, self.toolTipHeight) affectTextLine.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 16 + 2) if localeInfo.IsARABIC(): metinImage.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - metinImage.GetWidth() - 10, self.toolTipHeight) affectTextLine1.SetPosition(self.toolTipWidth - 50, self.toolTipHeight + 31 + 2) else: metinImage.SetPosition(10, self.toolTipHeight) affectTextLine1.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 31 + 2) if custumAffectString: affectTextLine.SetText(custumAffectString) elif itemIndex!=constInfo.ERROR_METIN_STONE: affectType, affectValue = item.GetAffect(0) affectString = self.__GetAffectString(affectType, affectValue) if affectString: affectTextLine.SetText(affectString) else: affectTextLine.SetText(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_APPLY_NOAFFECT) if itemIndex!=constInfo.ERROR_METIN_STONE: affectType1, affectValue1 = item.GetAffect(1) affectString1 = self.__GetAffectString(affectType1, affectValue1) if affectString1: affectTextLine1.SetText(affectString1) self.childrenList.append(affectTextLine) self.childrenList.append(affectTextLine1) if custumAffectString2: affectTextLine = ui.TextLine() affectTextLine.SetParent(self) affectTextLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) affectTextLine.SetPackedFontColor(self.POSITIVE_COLOR) affectTextLine.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 16 + 2 + 16 + 2) affectTextLine.SetOutline() affectTextLine.SetFeather() affectTextLine.Show() affectTextLine.SetText(custumAffectString2) self.childrenList.append(affectTextLine) self.toolTipHeight += 16 + 2 if 0 != leftTime: timeText = (localeInfo.LEFT_TIME + " : " + localeInfo.SecondToDHM(leftTime)) timeTextLine = ui.TextLine() timeTextLine.SetParent(self) timeTextLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) timeTextLine.SetPackedFontColor(self.POSITIVE_COLOR) timeTextLine.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 16 + 2 + 16 + 2) timeTextLine.SetOutline() timeTextLine.SetFeather() timeTextLine.Show() timeTextLine.SetText(timeText) self.childrenList.append(timeTextLine) self.toolTipHeight += 16 + 2 else: nameTextLine.SetText(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_SOCKET_EMPTY) self.toolTipHeight += 40 self.ResizeToolTip() You'll need this too It is for the refine & attach stone windows.
  11. Sonitex

    open why i can't summon a horse ?

    Compare the files then lol?
  12. Sonitex

    Clean Serverfiles&Source

    #Updated the download link. Once I have some more free time, I will release a better version. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  13. Sonitex

    Clean Serverfiles&Source

    Will be reuploaded tomorrow
  14. Sonitex

    open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    This is not a fix, just a way to get rid of those annoying logs.
  15. Sonitex

    open Change locale string

    This could help you: "녀석들은 이곳 성지에 있을 자격을 잃었다. 모두 성지에서 물러나거라~~[ENTER][ENTER] 10초 후에 모두 마을로 이동하게 됩니다."; "You do not have any rights to be here.[ENTER]This is a Holy Place: Away with you! [ENTER][ENTER] You will be back in your village in 10 seconds.";