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  1. Greetings everyone! I was checking some old unpacked updates and I saw new property files, but I wasn't able to find anything regarding the objects or new maps. Did anyone else manage to find the objects or news regarding the new upcoming maps? Kind Regards, Sonitex
  2. solved

    As he said, look at those files in uiScript (Offline-shop part)
  3. Bump
  4. Hi everyone, I am searching for someone who is experienced with SpeedTree and is willing to create something for me. I currently need a total of 75 trees (25 different kinds of trees in 3 different shapes). Please contact me on Skype(sonitexo) for more informations and instructions. I will only pay with PayPal. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  5. open

    Take a look at
  6. open

    For the objects take a look at D:/ymir work/guild
  7. At Insidious Poison & Ambush you should use a different animation than those hashtags going into the ground or exploding. They don't fit plus you would have 3 skills with kind of same animation, but the rest looks really good . Don't get me wrong, I like them all, but you could add some uniqueness to those 2.
  8. Greetings community! We are still up and running our project but we definitely need more people to make our wishes become reality. We are all set up with BugTracker to help us investigate our problems, a forum where we discuss our new ideas and how could we improve Metin2 in general. As of now "team" is very small and we don't have knowledge in certain areas so this is why I am looking for 3 different kind of developers who are most needed at this time. Technician: Your job is to design the game. You will be the one in charge when it comes to coding, of course you will be cooperating with the other technician who is already in the team. Designing the systems, balancing the game and overall server-side problems will be yours. Knowledge required: C++/Python 3D Designer: There is not much to say, the name itself tells what will you be doing. When it comes to bringing quality new models to the game you will be the chief. To avoid misunderstanding you will be creating character weapons, armors, monsters and NPCs and not map objects! Knowledge required: 3D and Animations Effect Designer: Ingame effects will be yours. Here I am a little bit picky since I do not want few colorful dots popping around in light colors which makes it look cool, but quality animations. Redesigns all of the skill effects is a lot of work but there will be much more than that, so we definitely don't want any half-made work. Knowledge required: Effects creation & animation. If you are acknowledged in other areas as well, that is just a plus which will save us the time and let us achieve our goals faster. Please send me a message if you are serious (A lot of people have messaged me about joining but even themselves don't know why they wanna join) about it and would like to join us! In the next weeks we will show our first two iconic maps, main hometowns of the Kingdoms (More than the last time ) and maybe reveal some of our big plans for the future of Metin2! Kind Regards, Sonitex
  9. open

    It might be disabled for those maps in python files but I doubt that is the case. Check your uiminimap for that... It should work, but remember to edit the .sub file correctly with real sizes and minimap name. Post your syserr if it still doesn't work.
  10. open

    1st step: First thing you do is save the minimap with World Editor and convert it to .dds format. You have to change the image size as well. Then you place your minimap image in "d:/ymir work/ui". 2nd step: Navigate to "d:/ymir work/ui/atlas" and create a new folder named same as your map and take atlas.sub from the other map folder and paste it in your new folder. Now you need to edit that .sub file. title subImage version 1.0 image "" #Your minimap name left 0 top 0 right 256 #Your image size left 256 #Your image size
  11. open
  12. open

    I don't know how to fix it, but try looking for solution at other threads. This occurs at 95% of people, I am sure someone has shared a solution.
  13. open

    Search: elif item.ITEM_TYPE_QUEST == itemType: Add: elif item.ITEM_TYPE_QUEST == itemType: bHasRealtimeFlag = 0 if itemVnum >= 53001 and itemVnum <= 53027: self.AppendSpace(5) for g in xrange(item.ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM): (affectType, affectValue) = item.GetAffect(g) affectString = self.__GetAffectString(affectType, affectValue) if affectString: affectColor = self.GetChangeTextLineColor(affectValue) self.AppendTextLine(affectString, affectColor) for i in xrange(item.LIMIT_MAX_NUM): (limitType, limitValue) = item.GetLimit(i) if item.LIMIT_REAL_TIME == limitType: self.AppendMallItemLastTime(metinSlot[0]) And change the vnums if your are different.