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  1. open Unbelievable NPC

    Does the game generate any client-side errors when you spawn NPC?
  2. open [Belts] - Help bonus in description

    Post your uitooltip.py
  3. Series Request

    By end I meant the last season.. Sorry :/
  4. Series Request

    I was watching Walking Dead, but the ending is so bad I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But I can recommend these series to you: -Game of Thrones -The 100 -The Flash -Arrow , and every other Marvel's series
  5. solved Belt Bonuses

    Wouldn't it be eaiser if you add few if statements like they did for changers and adders which can be only used on weapons/armours till level 40?
  6. open How can I spawn a NPC for limited time

    There is no 'map-index' condition for this function to work. As I said, you must enter the map as dungeon for it to work since this is a dungeon based function. Try adding d.in_dungeon() like this to avoid any unnecessary errors: when kill with d.in_dungeon() begin
  7. open How can I spawn a NPC for limited time

    I suppose you are doing an Arboreal Menace dungeon. You can use these two functions for that. It should work I think d.set_unique("teleport", d.spawn_mob(9020, pc.get_local_x(), pc.get_local_y())) d.purge_unique("teleport")
  8. open A lot of questions

    1st: uiInventroy.py - Function - def __LoadWindow(self): I believe 2nd: 3rd: It is all in the Forum, you just have to search for it...
  9. open GF Pet system binary error

    What you did wrong is you pasted the function wrong. It should end with "#endif" but you wrote "#endi"
  10. Metin2EU Global - International PvP Server [Hard]

    Ok then.
  11. Open your "uiofflineshopbuilder.py" and "uiprivateshopbuilder.py", copy their contents and paste them on in this site: https://paste2.org/ Find yourself.. I suppose you did not buy it since if you would, you would ask the owner of the system
  12. open Decrease Player's Level Quest

    Just so you know, this system will bug the account because of the exp overflow, becareful how you use it.
  13. open Change locale properly (Serverside)

    That error refers to .txt files in your locale/% folder and protos, check them
  14. [Collection] File Requests

    Greetings everyone! I was checking some old unpacked updates and I saw new property files, but I wasn't able to find anything regarding the objects or new maps. Did anyone else manage to find the objects or news regarding the new upcoming maps? Kind Regards, Sonitex