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  1. Sonitex

    open EXP problem

    char_battle.cpp static void GiveExp(LPCHARACTER from, LPCHARACTER to, int iExp) iExp = MIN(to->GetNextExp() / 10, iExp); You can not receive more than 10% of experience. Comment this line if you wish to remove this feature.
  2. Sonitex

    c++ Metin2 - Graphic Mask Control

    void CInstanceBase::Update() if (IsPet()) { if (CPythonSystem::instance().IsHidePets()) { if (!IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY)) { __SetAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY, true); m_kAffectFlagContainer.Set(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY, true); } } else { if (IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY)) { __SetAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY, false); m_kAffectFlagContainer.Set(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY, false); } } }
  3. Sonitex

    open Expand the view distance?

    That happens because engine only loads terrain close to you. You would have to make some source changes to load whole map at once and display it to player but that may cause some performance issues.
  4. Sonitex

    solved Two questions 'bout mapmaking

    Yeah it has that feature already built in and it is very easy to use. It is under "A" section, first you select brush shape and size. Then you select what kind of block type you would like to apply to terrain, either water surface, block collision or block any kind of battle action in the area. With "Edit" button you can apply those 3 to the map while "Eraser" obviously removes them. Happy mapping (You can add multiple types on the same area)
  5. Sonitex

    solved Two questions 'bout mapmaking

    There is a tutorial on this forum about different waters in different maps and functions exactly as you said.-> [HowTo]Get different watertypes (For some reason I cannot link the topic) Collisions are set with 3ds program and are exported there too. There should be some tutorials regarding that, but it is pretty easy to learn to be honest. Greetings, Sonitex
  6. I didn't have time to do it myself, so no...
  7. For the first issue take a look at, make it update each sec and not each 60 secs. void CNewPetActor::UpdateTime() And for the 2nd, item should have real time flag, someone already did it so take a look at his changes
  8. Sonitex

    solved #Deleted

  9. Sonitex

    open ANTI_FALL

    AddAffect(AFFECT_IMMUNE_FALL, POINT_IMMUNE_FALL, 100, 0, INFINITE_AFFECT_DURATION, 0, true); APPLY_IMMUNE_FALL It is already in the game..
  10. Sonitex

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    Did anyone else experience a problem with expansions dissapearing after like 10 minutes of players inactivity? It gets saved in database succesfully, but then if a player logs off, expansions will dissapear and you will have to unlock them once again. Records in database do not get deleted, but they do reset once the player unlocks 1st expansion for the 2nd time. Edit: Issue was laying in ClientManagerPlayer.cpp
  11. Sonitex

    open Passive Bonus and State Point - Metin2

    char.cpp -> "case POINT_LEVEL_STEP:" constants.cpp -> "TJobInitialPoints JobInitialPoints[JOB_MAX_NUM] ="
  12. Sonitex

    [Bugfix]Append selling price in private shop

    Woopsy, that function is from the offline-shop system that I am using. Thanks for the notice!
  13. Heya everyone, when you try to edit your private shop and add items that have ANTI_SELL flag, their price will not be shown. This feature was meant for NPC shops only, but they forgot to add a check. In uitooltip.py search for "def AppendSellingPrice" and edit it like the following: def AppendSellingPrice(self, price, isPrivateShopBuilder = False): if item.IsAntiFlag(item.ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SELL) and not isPrivateShopBuilder: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_ANTI_SELL, self.DISABLE_COLOR) self.AppendSpace(5) else: self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.TOOLTIP_SELLPRICE % (localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(price)), self.GetPriceColor(price)) self.AppendSpace(5) Then in "def SetPrivateShopBuilderItem" search for "self.AppendSellingPrice(shop.GetPrivateShopItemPrice(invenType, invenPos))" and replace it with: self.AppendSellingPrice(shop.GetPrivateShopItemPrice(invenType, invenPos), True) Not a game-breaking bug, but I still wanted to share it with you. It was already fixed by YMIR in their lastest patches(not sure when) so I chose their way of fixing it.
  14. Sonitex

    Budokan Quest (PVP ARENA QUEST)

    Taken from the public resources: Original: https://tinyurl.com/y98kkdfe
  15. Sonitex

    open Resistance HH

    Why don't you check the tutorial for adding the Magic Reduction bonus? I think you forgot to edit enum EApplyTypes. And I do not recommend to add a new bonus somewhere in the middle of others.