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  1. open [client]

    Thx for your reply, more late i try to edit inventorywindow, about uiinventory.py (root) i compared and i have the same... so i don't know >.<, but thx!
  2. open [client]

    Well I have a small problem, I have been editing a client that didn't have custom button and the belt slot , after a long time I have managed to put i. But now it turns out that the earrings and the necklace look a little lower and the button of the custom doesn't work for me. Anyone has any idea how the python part of the button is called ?, I sense that it doesn't work for that reason, and I don't know why name start looking for the .py function, on the items box, it should be edited in inventorywindow? Thanks in advance
  3. open [SOURCE HELP]

    Hello everyone !, I have a small problem with my source client... When I open my project with VS, the folders are corrupted, I have tried to unload the Source again, re do everything from 0, and I do not understand why this problem, I have also traded, to reinstall vs or try other versions, but Remains the same. Before that mistake everything was perfect, in fact I had compiled the binary ... can anyone give me some idea? Look this photo : I do not understand why the .CPP or .H files do not come out, but while loading the solution below if it exits for example "loading x file.cpp" etc. Really thanks and sorry my english!
  4. [Problem Python equip]

    UP pls :v
  5. [Problem Python equip]

    Thanks for your answers!!!, but after fix everything now I get this : 0307 21:27:38320 :: Unknown Server Command ViewEquipRequestDenied | ViewEquipRequestDenied 1:27:22315 :: Unknown Server Command ViewEquipRequest 18198 | ViewEquipRequest In uitarget.py: self.buttonDict[localeInfo.TARGET_BUTTON_VIEW_EQUIPMENT].SAFE_SetEvent(self.__OnViewEquipment) and: def __OnViewEquipment(self): net.SendChatPacket("/view_equip " + str(self.vid)) when I click the button functions and sends the request, but when I accept to see inventory, does not open and the error goes uknow command a friend told me to take the quest, but did not come to me no, then told me to add the command in game.py but not how to do it the download is the guide that comes not miss a function or if that! and folders containing these files: 1- 2- Sorry my bad english !! >.<! PD: Gif: thank you so much! gui.py
  6. Hello community! I hav a small problem in python. I have a bad english, so this is the problem Thanks!!! --------------Game in line 1175-------------------------
  7. Hey guys I need your help . ! I have a problem with the source client :(. When you start giving me the error that was not compatible but, have fix : Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 9.00# Visual Studio 2008My problem is this , sorry my English so I leave a gif leaving many mistakes ! Thanks!!