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  1. open Ban System Error

  2. open Ban System Error

    Hello guys, I have some problem with Bank system. My sysser: networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - exceptions.SyntaxError:invalid syntax (line 505) Its problem in Client or binary?. And where is problem Thanks for reply ^^
  3. open Problem with updating Python

    Now i have this problem...
  4. Hello guys, I have problem with my binary. I change python 2.2 on 2.7 and i have this problem... Thanks for any reply.
  5. open No module named net

    Hello guys, I have big problem with source. I compile my source and try to open client application. And show this error. Some advice to solution? Sorry for my bad english.
  6. open AutoClicker InGame

    Hello guys, I search Autoclicker in game
  7. open Bug Mount

    Hello guys, I add mount to game, and he is bugged in world...
  8. [RLS]Add it CleverBot(PM Bot)

    Hello guys. I have some error... help me :( .. Sorry for my bad english 0314 21:07:12282 :: 0314 21:07:12282 :: ============================================================================================================ 0314 21:07:12282 :: Abort!!!!
  9. Hello guys, I have a one small problem with day, night 0120 11:29:19896 :: Unknown Server Command DayMode dark | DayMode This is problem... Please help, thanks Sorry for my bad english.