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  1. thespeedy

    [BUY]Offline-Shop System

  2. thespeedy

    open [HELP] Cube+ One NPC

    your quest open a shop not the Cube Window
  3. thespeedy

    open skill_group restarting problem

    how to? without relog?
  4. thespeedy

    [Mini Release]Rituals Stone

    no problem
  5. thespeedy

    [Mini Release]Rituals Stone

    Fix: Search: if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == HYUNIRON_CHN) // ÇööÀº ¾ÆÀÌÅÛÀÌ ºÎ¼­Á®¾ß ÇÑ´Ù. bDestroyWhenFail = true; paste under: if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == RITUALS_SCROLL) bDestroyWhenFail = true; or switch first in if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == HYUNIRON_CHN || pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == RITUALS_SCROLL) // RITUALS_SCROLL bDestroyWhenFail = true;
  6. thespeedy

    Samurai core v1.0/1.1/1.2

    any update?
  7. thespeedy

    [Release] Quest Categories

    howto scrollbar?
  8. thespeedy

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    any update?
  9. thespeedy

    solved Simple help

    explain how
  10. thespeedy

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    reset self^^
  11. thespeedy

    solved Sort Inventory

  12. thespeedy

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    this is awesome project, please
  13. thespeedy

    Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    Project down?
  14. thespeedy

    solved Sort Inventory

    push no stack items
  15. thespeedy

    open "New" Skills from the offical servers

    i need this to