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  1. mrakis

    solved Trade bug

    #Solved Problem was in packet.h (client side)
  2. mrakis

    solved Trade bug

  3. mrakis

    solved Trade bug

    Hello community, I have problem with trade window. Problem you can see in video. sysser: CItemManager::SelectItemData - FIND ERROR SOLVED: Problem was in packet.h (client side) bandicam 2018-11-06 17-47-18-890.mp4
  4. mrakis

    open Target info system ERROR

    #Solved Problem was in locale_game.txt
  5. Hello, I have a problem with adding a new bonus "Strong against metinstone" In char.cpp I have this error: My char.cpp: char.cpp
  6. Hello, I have a problem with adding Target Info system. Any solutions for that problem?
  7. mrakis

    open Import error

  8. mrakis

    open Import error

    Hello community, I try to add "Target info system" on my server. I followed the instructions exactly. But when I start the game I have this error.