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  1. open insert stones

    Hi dev, i have some problem. I can not insert stones into the items... Mb some one know how fix it?
  2. Hi, recently released a new version of llvm (6) and I decided to update the source of vanilla 70220. (NOT TESTED) Download Cryptopp 5.6.5 Boost 1.65.1 Minilzo 2.09 MariaDB 101 DevIL 1.8.7 To install, you will need several packages. pkg install gmake pkg install subversion pkg install clang-devel Compiled on freebsd 11.1 i386 Best regard
  3. open Ira SRC

    yep, packet "Uknown packet header fixed 100% all"
  4. open Ira SRC

    Hi dev, i have the problem with source. I took "ira src" and compiled, but when i try to connect nothing happens, but writes that the channel is available. All the syserr are empty (no mistakes). Help me plz... Thanks in advance.
  5. open Bug with text

    Hi, i found how fixed your problem, its very easy. Change on Visual Studio your platform to the same, only with "_xp". For example you use "vc120", you need change to "vc120_xp".Good luck: D
  6. open GCC7 compile problem

    thx for that XD
  7. open GCC7 compile problem

    Hi dev, when i try compile a game core. I have this error. Boost version 1.62, i try 1.64, 1.65 (beta), 1.43. And none works... Help please, thanks in advance.
  8. open Bug with text

    I mean version DirectX on the client
  9. open Compile source on gcc7

    i reinstall cryptopp and this problem still remains
  10. open Compile source on gcc7

    when i trying compile cryptopp i have this erorrs
  11. open Bug with text

    What version of directx do you use? At me on 8 the same problem was, and on 9 all is good.
  12. Hi dev, i have some problem with source code when i try to compile on gcc7. My DB compiling without warnings or errors, but my GAME there are such mistakes. If someone knows how to fix this, help me please. Thanks in advance.
  13. open Binnary error Ilvoid

    hi, try to replace. ilCopyPixels(0, 0, 0, SGuildMark::WIDTH, SGuildMark::HEIGHT, 1, IL_BGRA, IL_BYTE, m_kMark.m_apxBuf);
  14. Hi, every one. I have a problem with target info system. When i click the button nothing happens. Thx in advance.
  15. Hello everyone, faced such a problem. In sysser nothing, debug did not betray anything... Help please, thank you in advance.