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  1. Mandi

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Works perfectly! Thank you!
  2. Mandi

    open CreatePrivateMap - A specify one

    Well, if I use that function for creating a private map, how does it work? d.join(301) -- creates a map with index 3010000, using SECTREE_MANAGER::CreatePrivateMap right? If I use it again, the next map it will be 3010001, and so on... What I'm trying to do is to create a private map with a specified index, like 3010069. d.join(3010069). You got it now?
  3. Hello, guys! I have this problem, if can I say, with CreatePrivateMap, I would like to create a specified private map like 3050040 for example, It's any function for that or someone who know how to? I only know about d.join, but this function creates the map in asceding orders. 3050000, 305001, 3050002, 3050003, etc. I need something to create a specified value, like d.join(3050040). Sorry for my bad english!
  4. Mandi

    solved Disable Empire Attack

    You are english? If you are, it's much more simple for you to do that, because it's about logic.. and it's in english language. For the people who doesn't know english it's much more harder. Take a look http://prntscr.com/fneti0
  5. Mandi

    solved Disable Empire Attack

    Open char_battle.cpp and search: CHARACTER::Attack and in this bool function you can put a condition for what do you want. It's so simple, just try harder! This is for your own good. As you see no one doesn't give a sheet for what you want.
  6. Mandi

    [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    To remove protection PK Search in char.cpp else if (GetGMLevel() != GM_PLAYER) and replace with else if (GetGMLevel() != GM_PLAYER && GetGMLevel() != GM_VIP)
  7. Mandi

    Shop offline disappear

    Absolut nothing.. ch1/auth/db
  8. Hi! Does anyone how it solve this problem? I pay if needed. Paypal. https://youtu.be/A9B9wrRFahs
  9. Mandi

    [C++]Full Costume Mount system

    Time can be added to them? EDIT: I succeeded! Works perfect, thanks!
  10. Mandi

    Position text

    You're so stupid and arrogant... I need a direct of client for all quests. "say_size" is for the width and height the size of the quest dialog. Next time, just shut the f*ck up, "genius". Another answer?
  11. Mandi

    Position text

    How do I set the writing to start somewhere below? Without [ENTER] or say("") in quest. srry for my bad english. http://prntscr.com/9or3gk
  12. Mandi

    [PREVIEW] Target Damage System

    how much ?
  13. Mandi

    [SS]Oriental Weapon Set

    do you have screen in game?