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  1. salut, sunt in cautare de tehnician/developer

    doresc sa creez un server de metin2 privat. 

    esti ceea ce trebuie ? 

  2. Bogdan

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    Thank you. I will be posting some new videos and maybe I will take some screenshots for who needs them. Thank you. Depends. Someone was saying that with this graphic, Metin2 characters will defenetly need to suffer some modifications aswell. I was thinking of making a video with present Metin2 characters and same time comparison with how they should look like ( new model ).
  3. Bogdan

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    Good point. I will try to make a video with a comparison between old metin2 characters and new one's. Stay tunned for more updates
  4. Bogdan

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    Hi guys. I know it has been a long time since I posted something on the website, but I really been busy. A few days ago I've seen some videos were Metin2 graphic was taken to next level. I said to myself to have a go and try to update the game engine to change entirely the graphic level. Also worth mentioned that I've seen the bold attempt of PW1 to build a new MMO in this topic: I really think it is a good idea and I will try to do it myself. In this topic I will post all my updates regarding my progress, starting with basic intrduction of the Game engine and content builder. Fist attempt: Second attempt: animation correction Short Introduction to World Editor Please feel free to comment. Looking forward for oppinions and suggestions. Soon new updates on building a level from scratch and adding content from Metin2 to new Map.
  5. Bogdan


    Part. 2 with Animation fix can be found here: I am now working on a new level from scratch with Metin2 elements (buildings, props etc.). Back with updates as soon as I have them.
  6. Bogdan


    Good job. Liked the graphic so I said to myself that I will have a go with Unreal and after 1 hour of browsing tutorials managed to make something basic. Hope you guys like it:
  7. Bogdan

    [Release]Geisha Hairstyle

    Hi there. Please have a look on my website http://3dmetin.ro You will find them at the Freebies area.
  8. Bogdan

    [Release]Geisha Hairstyle

    Thank you ! Hopefully I can get back on track with my work .
  9. Bogdan

    [Request-RoxaLyssa]Bambu hat

    Hi . I've been asked to reupload the files so here they are : CLICK If the link doesn't work , just go on my website http://3dmetin.ro under Freebies section and you can download it from there. Please follow me on my website for more stuff . Thank you.
  10. Bogdan

    [Release]Geisha Hairstyle

    Hi guys. I've been asked to reupload this file so here it is : CLICK If the link dosn't work just go on my website http://3dmetin.ro and under Freebies section you can download the files . Thank you and subscribe to my website for more stuff .
  11. Bogdan

    Halloween barrells

    Nice work . I've tried myself to reproduce the blow-up effect of metin stones without any bones system involved in the process like ymir has but apparently out of luck. Maybe someone can explain to me how this granny engine work because I am out of ideas .
  12. Bogdan


    Hi guys . Halloween is nearly here so let's keep up with it . Here it is a fun release of mine with a short tut for beginners . Let's start ! Download Files : https://mega.nz/#!9gdDBAyB!fBIhjIdNMJZUu_sZHPMLA_FW2pyyT288kBS_5z2NgdE
  13. Bogdan

    Rivality2 project

    We had a idea in implementing 2 graphics on the game ... and to give the option to the players to swich between them ... like day / night ... only to be made between a full custom design and a normal ymir like . Still working on the project so will see in the end what will happen . Thank you anyway for the advice .
  14. Bogdan

    Rivality2 project

    Completely agreeing with you on that . Thats why the gameplay will push players from the main maps to other places in game to keep them busy and avoiding having to stay in areas with a lot of texturing / mapping details (buildings , props etc) .