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  1. open Advice for beginner

    port deleted on 2017-02-24 REASON: Obsolete, all supported FreeBSD versions have libc++ in the base system https://www.freshports.org/devel/libc++/
  2. open How To Fix Hp+Sp When Leveling up

    constants.cpp /* { int st, ht, dx, iq; int max_hp, max_sp; int hp_per_ht, sp_per_iq; int hp_per_lv_begin, hp_per_lv_end; int sp_per_lv_begin, sp_per_lv_end; int max_stamina; int stamina_per_con; int stamina_per_lv_begin, stamina_per_lv_end; } */
  3. Feature enhancement

  4. Feature enhancement

    Use AutoGiveItem instead of CreateItem & AddToCharacter. Can you post your Buy function from shop.cpp?
  5. Feature enhancement

    Use AutoGiveItem(vnum, count) in npc's shops.
  6. solved Guild war spectator bug

    FFindNearVictim if (pkChr->IsObserverMode()) return;
  7. open Error item.remove

    int item_remove_count(lua_State * L) { LPITEM pkItem = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentItem(); BYTE bCount = (BYTE)(lua_tonumber(L, 1); if (pkItem && CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr() == pkItem->GetOwner() && (pkItem->GetCount() - bCount) >= 0) pkItem->SetCount(pkItem->GetCount() - bCount); CQuestManager::instance().ClearCurrentItem(); return 0; } { "remove_count", item_remove_count }, item.remove_count(10)
  8. open Aura, Enchanted blade teleport

    These skills disappear after logout, becouse items are unequiping at logout.
  9. [C++] ItemName reneval on the ground

    amazing idea.
  10. open Special storage

    Describe bugs.
  11. You should go to a psychiatrist. You had been obsessed with Slait before, and now with Marty.
  12. c++ [C++] Erase EventFlag Function!

    Server online from 06.2015, sometimes without restart game for 2 months and never crashed cause eventflags.
  13. open Open shop by button in sidebar

    npc.open_shop needs CurrentNPCCharacter.
  14. 2: npc at npc_is_boss is null
  15. open Bug edit offlineshop system

    attrs.append([int(a[0]),int(a[1])]) into attrs.append([int(a[1]),int(a[0])])