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  1. open Asking developers

    2-step auth is a great idea as well, but entering a 2nd password with every entrance can hurt the user experience so i'm not sure about that(i'm not a UX expert xD). blocking ip + hwid is too much(why the rest of the family has to suffer if one is being a jackass?). blocking hwid can be bypassed aswell if i'm not mistaken? i know that mac address can be spoofed for sure. i'd go with the unique salt per account, or, make a very intuitive and user friendly 2-step auth system. GL
  2. open Asking developers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_(cryptography) Reading/googling before commenting can do wonders mate Basically, having a hash generator in client & server side with symmetric encryption methods can significantly minimize the chance of successful bruteforce. For example, in client you'll have the salt encrypt method, it will convert the login data into a one way hash. and server will check if the hashed data equivalent to the database data. server side check, example: if (clientLoginHashedData is not equal encrypt(databaseLoginData) { return false; } If you're interested i can code for you such a system(not free). Good luck.
  3. yep.. i used to contribute here quite often but i'v stopped since few months. since i saw the amount of people leeching and not sharing anything with others i have decided to stop. also few people just keep criticizing others work without even understanding how it works just cause they were bored. Right now im working full time as developer(c#) in finance company but i still develop games as hobby and im working on a generic game management system(metin2 included) that ill be selling in a month or two to public. metin2 is no longer alive as it used to be and that's a fact. one of the biggest reasons for metin2dev to die is because of lack of management(in my opinion).
  4. Hi ! My name is Ioan and i loved metin2 as a teenager . Since 1 month ago i totally forget about metin2 but one of my friends told me that he wants to open a little metin2 server for our friends(+little brothers) . I started to compile both server and client source (found on internet) untill i got a problem . TItemTable structure from CItemData.h has different members (actually size,i think it is called stride :-?? ) from the default one and i cannot unpack item_proto(from client) even that i know the lzo key + fourCC . Can you help me with a little advice please?

  5. Looking for a Game&Web Developer.

    Hey, I'v been working on a very complex and impressive game & admin management with tons of features(written in c#). I'll be offering it for sale once it's complete(matter of few months). If you can wait until then, you probably won't regret it Regards,
  6. open Programming automatec bot (client)

    The best tutorial you will find is by exploring the metin2 client source code yourself. My advice would be start from the main function in userinterface.cpp then dive in and see where it leads you. metin2 UI is coded in python that is embedded in c++. so on run time the python code is being converted into c++. so your best bet is to either be strong in c++ or python(preferably both). You can code the client directly in c++ without python although that'd be harder for beginners since python is way easier than c++ for beginners. nodeJS is a server side language, won't help you here.
  7. open Anti inject

  8. I'm interested! I need Help. I offer the following payment methods: paypal/wester Union/Paysafecard

  9. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    @Syerldar I totally agree with you regarding the importance of code being readable, maintainable and etc. Yet, i do feel an urge to be a little pedant on such performance issues. because personally when developing systems you should always taking scalability factor into account. Right now it indeed has no impact but what if you had to iterate over 1000 or 1.000.000 or even 100.000.000 objects? metin2 is a real time action game and you always should aim for players to have the best performance possible. This case ofcours isn't included because we're iterating over a list of party members but i wrote it just as an example of why it is important to know how stuff works under the hood. and @Yiv i agree with what you said but again in my opinion using prefix incerement would always be preferable over postfix. because you always should expect for the worse. If you're using an old/crappy compiler it is not certain it will do the required optimizations. and, the best case scenerio for postfix incrementor would be to even out with prefix performance. There is a reason why the developers used prefix incerement for iterators and were very persistent and consistent about it in their entire code base.
  10. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    @ProfDrBielefeld We're talking here about iterators increment not integers. for iterators, ++it will always have a better performance than it++. Here's a good read: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1303899/performance-difference-between-iterator-and-iterator
  11. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    @Distraught the reason it ran faster is most likely due to this part of his code: if (GetNearMemberCount() <= iCount) { for (; it != m_memberMap.end(); it++) { if (it->second.pCharacter && it->second.pCharacter->CountSpecifyItem(itemVnum)) it->second.pCharacter->RemoveSpecifyItem(itemVnum); } return true; } he didn't assign a starting object to iterate over in this part of the code. and therefore it doesn't execute the loop part of the code. and as consequence you get supposedly a better performance. this for loop condition will always fail.. take a look.
  12. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    yeah you're just another child with bad attitude, i can see it by how you reply.. good night.
  13. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    Well, unlike you and most of the other "Devs" here i actually have a degree in computer science and working in a real world programming job, i develop metin2 systems for fun. so unless you're a certified developer or have a real world programming experience you have no right to judge other code. especially because you barely understand how it works under the hood. Lennet was one of a few devs here that actually deserve credit because he understood how stuff works unlike you.
  14. c++ check if all party members have the specified item

    ??? your post does not make any sense. you should take my advices above as constructive criticism i am not trying to make fun of you. it's just common that people here replying to other posts without really understanding the code behind it, how it works under the hood.