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  1. Hey there! Here is some new info about my work. - Every mob has sounds files - Every mob has hit data files - All mobs are done (Including effects, sounds etc..) - All regens are done - Map is ready for 100% - I just have to make a video and create dungeon instructions for quest (Dungeon does not including quest, just instruction) Everything will be ready in few days
  2. The map is done! Final size of the map is 5x6 and containing 7. floors (2 floors are made to 2 parts.) Like mushroom dungeon i wont make quest for it (Im really not good quester..), but i will make instructions how would the dungeon looks like. I will make regens, mobs for this eventual form of dungeon. Right now i'm working on mobs, thier effects, sound and so. There is image of minimap and one of pirate mobs.
  3. Thx bro <3 Pirates are coming too!
  4. Thank you, no it wont Next floor is done!
  5. Hello everyone! Many people really love my mushroom dungeon and many people asked me for next dungeons. So i've started work on next dungeon - Water dungeon! My work is on the beggining. I just finished 90% of models and effects and now i can start to make very dungeon. I will improve the dungeon with new ambience sounds and better ingame feeling. This is entry of dungeon and first floor.
  6. Are you fucking retarded or what? I can not find other words right now... For moderator: Set some rule for stop requesting of files here. this topic has no meaning if 9/10 posts are still the same reuquests of files...
  7. I think they should did this some time ago.. Anyway i like it
  8. Please, write me on the skype Or PM here
  9. Im going to sell it.
  10. The map is now finished! I just have to finish the mobs for this map, place them to the map and make effects for boss. The map will be ready in a few days.
  11. @Nero It shouldn't has any effect to fps. I have never have this problem The map is 4x5
  12. Yeah I accept, but i think this is just matter of opinion.. In my opinion it fit good
  13. The map is almost done! Just the mobs and few things left
  14. Thanks