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  1. .plechito'

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    I found the solution, my notebook is 15.6'', so 1366x768. But its full HD, so the its set to 1920x1080. I had to change screen resolution to 1366x768. Thanks for your feedback bro
  2. .plechito'

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    Has anyone this problem? I cannot see the effect tool bar on my laptop 1366 x 768
  3. .plechito'

    Summer 2018

  4. .plechito'

    Summer 2018

    Hello to everyone! Summer is coming so i've been started to work on stuff for it! The first stuff - Summer map is done! I hope you will like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTnN2PbU6k0
  5. .plechito'

    Crystal metin

    Hi, some days ago i released new Crystal dungeon so i bring you something for free - new Crystal metin. I hope you will enjoy it! You can find the video at 3:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCpHf1q1TaQ Download:
  6. .plechito'

    open Map coordinations problem

    Hi to all! I have really strange error. I have a problem with coordinates on one of my maps. The coordinations are moved to - x -6, y -60 So if i go to 300, 300, server move me to 294, 240. Nothing works fine then.. regens are wrong and everything i need is moved. Do someone know maybe the problem? Thank you for answer!
  7. .plechito'

    Crystal dungeon

    Hi! Today I've just finished my new dungeon - Crystal dungeon. I would like to ask you to some feedback. What do you like or what i should make better next time (This is not my last dungeon ) There is few images and video from the dungeon Btw: I will release the metin stone from first floor for free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCpHf1q1TaQ
  8. .plechito'

    Easter 2018

    Hi to everyone! Many people wrote about easter.. Yeah i know, its time! So here is my stuff for this easter! I've not finished all stuff yet so check this topic! Videos:
  9. .plechito'

    Natural boss 1

    Thank you man Ofc i can change the environment, if someone will wants a different env, its not a problem
  10. .plechito'

    Natural boss 1

    Hi! Some days ago i've finished my new natural map and i want to give your something for free! So here is Natural boss 1 (ripped from bns). If you are interest of this map, just let me know on skype Video (You can find the boss on 6:10) Download: https://mega.nz/#!Gw4FRKJa!F8rUm8__h15tuJVt5IGrTT9KgCwNTxCKJLPxcXiQGcI
  11. .plechito'

    Natural map

    The map is done! Next stuff is coming
  12. .plechito'

    Natural map

    18 new mobs and 3 boses for natural map!
  13. .plechito'

    Natural map

    Hi! Im working a new natural update to my shop. It will including new map, new dungeon, mounts, weapons and many other stuff in natural style. At first i want to show you some images of the Natural map. It will be 7x4 map (re-designed official Dawn Mist wood). I used just terrain from this map, because i love it and it fit great to my vision of this Natural map. So here is it. The map is done and now Im working on monsters for this map.
  14. .plechito'

    [Valentine]Metin stone

  15. .plechito'

    Valentine's stuff