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  1. Halloween 2017

    New mount for halloween!
  2. I bought from him so many with a total price 250+euro.Great work and I recive the files under 2 minutes.If you want something good contact him.

  3. Halloween 2017

  4. Halloween 2017

    And its done! Weapons coming tomorrow!
  5. Halloween 2017

    Im just finishing boss skills effects
  6. Halloween 2017

  7. Halloween 2017

    Graveyard will be part of the map
  8. [New]Demon tower

    Soo, its done! Quest is made by Braxy, thank you a lot for this!!
  9. Halloween 2017

    Hi to everyone! The map is done from 70% Im working just on details and final cave now.. The map will be done soon!!
  10. Halloween 2017

    Hi guys!! A lot of people wrote me about halloween stuff for this year! Im really busy but don't worry, it should be done in 1 week I couldn't finish it yet but im close! I will post some screens during next week! For this year i will make weapon set and maybe new sashes too..
  11. [New]Demon tower

    Hi to all! After i released Blue death room many people wrote me about full version of this dungeon Finally i found some time to make it. It should be done in few days and then i will start to sell it Blue death room is for free and i will add here on the forum after i will release full map Here is first screen of one floor:
  12. Speed Adaptation to the Panther Armor

    Good work bro
  13. Offline shop

    Could you post link here?
  14. Offline shop

    Hi devs! As you can understand from title, im searching for Offline shop system. Real offline shop system 100% WITHOUT bugs!! Is here someone who sell it or someone you can recommend? Thanks a lot!
  15. [Metin]Nephrite pillar

    Hi to everyone!Today I've finish new map and i'm releasing something from it for free Here is Nephrite pillar "metin" for free. If you are interesting about full map, just write me a message on skype or here Download