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  1. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

    I made christmas desing for all 3 kingdoms
  2. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

    You can find all my prices here: http://plechito.com/christmas-2018/ Metin is included in map price
  3. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

    Yes i do Full christmas pack is cost 100€
  4. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

  5. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8IRVR3x6RQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgs4ae1VJM0
  6. .plechito'

    Christmas 2018

  7. .plechito'

    Halloween broom mount

    Hi, Halloween is almost here and i've finished halloween stuff for this year. As always i release something for free, for this time the halloween broom mount. If you are interesthing on more halloween stuff, click to spoiler Download link is in description of the broom mount. Download link: http://plechito.eu/?get=cat&id=2&sub=13[/CODE]
  8. .plechito'

    map Green dragon valley

    Hi guys! I didnt release some map long time ago. So here its small 2x2 map with 2 mobs, boss and metnistone Everything is done and prepared just for install. You need granny 2.9 for the objects and monsters. Dont release it on other forums please. If you will have any problem, dont write me private message, write right here to the topic. I dont offer support for this free map. If you are interested about more stuff, visit my web http://www.plechito.eu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqlE2vKK8r0 DOWNLOAD
  9. .plechito'

    Underwater egg metin

    Hi, i just released an underwater dungeon and i want to release something from this dungeon for free. So here is an underwater egg metin. I hope you will like it! You can see the egg in the video below. Download
  10. Underwater dungeon coming soon! :) 

  11. .plechito'

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    I found the solution, my notebook is 15.6'', so 1366x768. But its full HD, so the its set to 1920x1080. I had to change screen resolution to 1366x768. Thanks for your feedback bro
  12. .plechito'

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    Has anyone this problem? I cannot see the effect tool bar on my laptop 1366 x 768