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  1. Yeah, something like that (btw, english is right language here )
  2. Fixed
  3. It's really long time i released some mobs, so today i will share with you my naga pack. It including 4 mobs with effects + 1 boss. I didn't make sound files, i have no time for it, maybe i make it during christmas. I will have a little free time then. You can use it how u want. You need granny 2.8+! I don't support old granny anymore. Download here
  4. Search, everything u want is already in this topic. Don't be lazy and search.
  5. You can use just one texture to exporting object.
  6. Mother of God!! Some respect and patience...
  7. Man, you have to upload epk and eix file.. This is damaged dds files and nobody can open it anymore...
  8. The map is done.
  9. Hi everyone! Christmas is coming and it's time to prepare an events on your servers! This NPC could help you You can see the npc at 7:12. http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/SmMtPn3e/file.html
  10. Npc is already done!
  11. Do you have the map right in the atlasinfo.txt?
  12. Today i've finally finished the last part of the map - the city. Now i will finish the mobs, npcs and so. The map will be ready in 2 weeks. I hope i will do it in 1 week.
  13. Search... It's already in this topic.
  14. Yeah, it will