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  1. Christmas 2017 - Edit City - Beseran

    This man is reseller!
  2. Orka - the green valley

    Nice bro!!
  3. Christmas map for 2016

    Thank you my friend
  4. Christmas map for 2016

    Hi everyone! As every year i prepar a new christmas map for your servers! The map will be complete in this week I hope.. There is a few images as preview.
  5. Christmas map 2017

    Hi to everyone! Almost everyday i have messages about new christmas map for this year. Yeah as every year im working on map for christmas. The map will be 7x3, including cave and christmas city! Im working on monsters and other christmas stuff right now Here are first images:
  6. [Christmas]Snowman metin

    Hi, christmas is coming and its time to prepare christmas event! Here is a little thing that can help it with that If you are interesting about the christmas map and other christmas stuff, send me a message on skype You can find it at 1:42 Download
  7. Christmas map 2017

    It depends what all u want Here is last stuff - Christmas sashes!
  8. Christmas map 2017

    Yeah i will... Right now im working on last stuff for christmas - sash. Then i will make packages
  9. Christmas map 2017

    No sorry its not for free I sell it
  10. Christmas map 2017

  11. Christmas map 2017

    Christmas map is done!!
  12. Christmas map 2017

    Yeah many people bought already my maps I think i wont have time for that
  13. c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    I have, its still the same
  14. c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    I already tried It doesnt work for me It looks like this yeah i have files in "old" folder
  15. c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    1. I have to start run.bat as administrator 2. It wrote me that files are trnasformed succesfully but it doesnt create new folder and doesnt convert the files
  16. c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    It completly changes position and size of the model
  17. Enchanted shaman boss

    Hi, I've released magc cave dungeon so i'm releasing one of the bosses for free. The model is took from blade and soul, i just edited it a little for metin. You need granny 2.9 for this boss. Pack including model + effects. You can find the boss at 8:25 Download
  18. Magic cave

  19. Magic cave

    Hello again! Im working on new dungeon and its finally done!! Right now im working on monsters and effects. Here are first screens from the dungeon
  20. Magic cave

  21. Magic bird set

  22. Magic bird set

    Hi! I didnt release something more useful long time.. So today i'm releasing new weapon set for free. The package including weapons for all 5 characters. - Twohand sword + normal swrod (warrior) - Axe (sura) - Bow + dagger (assassin) - Fan + bell (shaman) - Claw (lycan) Also my new map magic cave is coming (not for free), this is one of the reasons why im releasing this set too... So stay tuned! Download
  23. open Mount like a horse

    Can you specific your question?
  24. Halloween 2017

    Hi guys!! A lot of people wrote me about halloween stuff for this year! Im really busy but don't worry, it should be done in 1 week I couldn't finish it yet but im close! I will post some screens during next week! For this year i will make weapon set and maybe new sashes too..
  25. Halloween pet

    Hi to everyone! Halloween is again here after 1 year and i've made this pet for free! No bullshits and enjoy this pet! Download here