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  1. Hello everyone! As every bigger festival i make map for easter too! Easter are christians feast, for more people it's feast of spring! So my map will be in the spirit of nature Here is first picture of the map. Size of the map will be probably 4x5, i'm not sure if i make some stone cave part too, but i'll see
  2. Hello, today i release this deers models. You can use it for better environment of your maps Just put it to the map and enjoy! Info: Render Ingame screenshots Mob proto for server
  3. Hi! I found some old files from 2013-2014, this edited ymir mushrooms was there. I took original ymir mushroom and just added some bones and made simply animations. I made it in more textures. You need new granny! (2,9+) Enjoy Mushroom metin.rar
  4. @Nero It shouldn't has any effect to fps. I have never have this problem The map is 4x5
  5. Yeah I accept, but i think this is just matter of opinion.. In my opinion it fit good
  6. The map is almost done! Just the mobs and few things left
  7. I think the most people seen that... http://gf3.geo.gfsrv.net/cdn51/5d1933f6e1ffacd3bcdf1c5b3e48c5.mp4 But no everybody knows how to set mp4 background... In the rar are 50 jpg images.. so u can make animation background via ani_image in python... https://mega.co.nz/#!OlYXXLrT!M8fVkpNhfOHO5RlbA4pGQp1vEATIhTySFAe696ER-HQ
  8. Thanks
  9. Hi devs, i worked last days on this dungeon and it took me pretty much time. I will be glad for your response!
  10. Yes
  11. No, you put source code of .mse file to msm. You have to do it like this: ScriptType RaceDataScript BaseModelFileName "D:\Ymir Work\monster2\gnoll_boss2\gnoll_boss2.GR2" Group ShapeData { PathName "" ShapeDataCount 0 } Group AttachingData { AttachingDataCount 3 Group AttachingData00 { AttachingDataType 1 isAttaching 1 AttachingModelIndex 0 AttachingBoneName "Bip01" CollisionType 1 SphereDataCount 1 Group SphereData00 { Radius 100.000000 Position 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 } } Group AttachingData01 { AttachingDataType 1 isAttaching 1 AttachingModelIndex 0 AttachingBoneName "Bip01" CollisionType 3 SphereDataCount 1 Group SphereData00 { Radius 150.000000 Position 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 } } Group AttachingData02 { AttachingDataType 2 isAttaching 1 AttachingModelIndex 0 AttachingBoneName "Bip01" EffectScriptName "locale\en\effect\gm.mse" EffectPosition 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 EffectRotation 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 } }
  12. It's not in client source, you just have to add the effect to his msm file.
  13. So do I
  14. Yeah, i tried to make it great from all perspectives. So i made places out of dungeon like the final way to boss room to better feeling. Thanks to all btw.
  15. It looks like you didn't add map to atlasinfo.txt in locale.
  16. I think it's not so big problem to copy some exist item and edit it by yourself, or is it?
  17. Hi everyone! As every year i prepar a new christmas map for your servers! The map will be complete in this week I hope.. There is a few images as preview.
  18. Hi! Christmas time is coming and there is a little gift for you! Spider dungeon with official textures for better use. Of course implement boss room from offi severs. In pack: 4x4 map Objects and effects property files textures !Don't reuopload to other forums... If I'll want, I'll upload it myself... THANKS! I haven't time to make video, so there is some screens: Download on my web - HERE Have fun!
  19. It's really long time i released some mobs, so today i will share with you my naga pack. It including 4 mobs with effects + 1 boss. I didn't make sound files, i have no time for it, maybe i make it during christmas. I will have a little free time then. You can use it how u want. You need granny 2.8+! I don't support old granny anymore. Download here
  20. Yeah, something like that (btw, english is right language here )
  21. Fixed
  22. Search, everything u want is already in this topic. Don't be lazy and search.
  23. Hi, ricky released his MDE tool today. I'll post it on this forum. There is simple video how to use it, it's really easy for everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMeSmv_wBVg There is a simple video how to make animation UVW textures. Download here: https://mega.co.nz/#!79IxnZaC!Dxl8eC9rc0wn1pGJO81zDPmTP6Z56x971__8xq0kdE8 Credits: ricky92 For tool martysama0134 for the Unwarp_UVW fix (Texture fix)
  24. You can use just one texture to exporting object.
  25. Mother of God!! Some respect and patience...