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  1. open Bug create character

    I changed the base platform , now i working on the fliege, T/C.
  2. Hello i have a problem with clean client zearth (cartof v4) , when I entered the game with another character and then I change the character , then press create the character takes me out of the client in syserr does not show anything, and I do not know where the problem can come from does anyone know? EDIT: if i press create the character and i don't enter the game it's work correctly.. EDIT2: after that ErrorLog.txt it is created Sorry for English . Best regards, Zorke.
  3. open Problem with mount

    Hello.. i have a problem with mount.. i implement the mount_costume, and i put real_time to mount , and a question but when i climb the mount immediately get me down .. but i have 20 days time.. and i don't know where is the problem.. in my source or where? If i put type item_quest it summon the mount and don't get me down but the mount doesn't put in slot mount_costume. if i change the type in item_costume and subtype mount_costume he puts in their slot but get me down from mount.
  4. and how to implement this.. i don't know..
  5. Hello .. i have a problem with time 0 on type COSTUME_MOUNT, i don't know why.. i have this question for mount,
  6. open HP opponent is reversed

    This code where twice! def GetInputValue(self): net.SendQuestInputStringPacket(str(constInfo.VID)) i have tombola and his use the same def getinputvalue.. i don't know how to resolve this
  7. Hello i implement this system https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/592-opponents-hp-and-mp-during-pvp/ . And i have one problem with this.. everythings it's ok but the hp and stamina is not of his opponent .. it's your hp and stamina (look in picture) Everyone have idea how to resolve this? Please help me!
  8. Hello , my polymorph 4 don't work .. i have a ring with change race , but the ninja or shaman or sura work .. it's ok, but when i select warrior option don't work .. i try this /polymorph 4 don't work .. quest it's ok.. it's work another svf .. but when i create a character warrior work .. how do i solve this problem??Sorry for my english! Best regards, Zorke.
  9. Problem negot and Pvp Sistem

    Up .. nimeni nu stie bugul la negot ?
  10. Problem negot and Pvp Sistem

    Up ....
  11. Problem negot and Pvp Sistem

    UP nobody ?? Please this is a critical bug.. .
  12. Problem negot and Pvp Sistem

    i don't know where to watch .. where to watch this libs? EDIT: I think i have all libs.. but can you specify the folder or the libs to watch?
  13. Problem negot and Pvp Sistem

    Up, nobody??