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  1. I'm looking for you for about 1 month! Can you answer me on skype or here? I'm interested in your system!

  2. markx202

    Searching Extra Refine System

    Hi guys, I'm searching someone how can make a little system! I just want to increase normal %upp with a special item. Send me a message on skype : markx202 for more info.
  3. Link utiliServer GuidesServer RulesYoutube ChannelTicket Support REGISTRAZIONI APERTE! https://www.alyonmt2.eu/index.php/user/register DOWNLOAD! MEGAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ws5lbmv5157q9ph/AlyonMt2+v2.0.rar MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!Fu5xgTLK!8HLfYFsAsOep4RtYqyPHU-f704Dd62icEK6DS68HpeM
  4. markx202

    New league system

    I want to introduce the decorum system that will be present on our server named Alyon.Let's start with the features:We have decided to include 3 types of arenas: Arena 2vs2 Arena 3vs3 Arena 5vs5 To take part in an arena you just go to the Battle Administrator or click on the button: Here you can participate or create a lobby. There is also the possibility of starting a random lobby that will automatically search for the number of participants needed. Challenges will only take place between players with a maximum difference of 4 leagues. Teams, are automatically generated by trying to make them as homogeneous as possible. The arena will start when all participants have logged into the arena map. Players of opposite kingdoms can stay in team together. In the arena, it will be a first points calculation . If the player logs off, it will lose the amount of calculated points.We have decided this to avoid the Rage Quit. If a player has problem with login, and then doesn't log into the map, the arena will not start.All participants can push without losing points. The arena ends when one of the two teams arrives at the limit score (in 2vs2 it is 2, in 3vs3 is 3 and in 5vs5 is 5), the consecutive kills of the same player are valid. If an arena ends in parity, or a team left the arena, the winners will not win any Decor. At the time of the victory, the Decors will be re-calculated, evaluating the disparity of Decors between teams, the killings and deaths of each participant and the percentage of each participant's victory for that particular arena. Every weekend from Friday to Sunday, from 8am to 11pm, you will be able to make classified matches Through the ELO RATING system you will be able to create a mechanism that can create combat rooms by calculating the winning / defeat / kills / dead / inflicted damage / league / level of each player and combining matches in a balanced way. System delle LegheDecors work as a progress score of your PG.Leagues are the division of the Player according to the amount of Decors obtained during his career. Each League provides the player with a distinctive symbol beside the name. To start collecting Decors you have to go to the Battalion Administrator at Level 80 with 5,000,000 Yang. He will enroll you on the Iron IV League and will give you 40,000 Decors. To get Decors there are 2 ways: Custom Arena Random Arena To start an arena you have to be in the exact number of participants.The calculation of the Decors earned is calculated by evaluating the difference between the Decors among the challengers, the rate of wins / participations in that date type of PvP and the Rate of Kill / Death of the Pg.In this way farm Decors is impossible because after 2/3 matches with "ghost pg",you will not receive Decors.With this button: You can check your stats and decide which arenas to be available.By clicking on a Decorated Player you will also be able to consult other Player stats, compare and process strategies. Here you can see a video preview:
  5. markx202

    Patcher Professional

    Ahaha have you some screens about What you say? I don't sell anything. Prove what you say.
  6. markx202

    Patcher Professional

    I want to buy. I don't sell anything in this forum. Why you said reseller??
  7. markx202

    Patcher Professional

    Hi, metin2dev community! I'm searching someone who can do a professional patcher. What i need: Integrate patcher in laucher (I just want 1 file .exe in my client which start autopatcher and then launch game) Check files Buttons for social, website and forum Space for video Space for news If you sell a patcher like this send me a message on skype : markx202 or pm on this forum. If you don't have a website or you don't have screens of your works please don't contact me. I gave you a .psd for design of patcher.
  8. markx202

    Offline shop system

    I've send you a request on skype ^^
  9. markx202


    I am looking for a graphic able to do these things: Professional logo Professional autopatch design Professional Forum and Website design Some HD Wallpapers Professional Presentation The most important thing is the logo. Send me a pm on skype: markx202 All graphics on design thread accept the work but after 1 week disappear. Send me a pm on skype only if you have time! Sorry for my bad english!
  10. markx202

    Professional Patcher

  11. markx202

    Searching for 3d Stuff

    Hi guys, I'm searching someone who can create 4 costumes for my server. I want a costumes for Bagjanamu,Jotun Thrym,Nemere,Razador like official costume of Azrael. Sorry for my bad english. If you want more explanations contact me on skype: markx202