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  1. Only paid version All bugs fixeds in paid version
  2. niiluna

    M2bob protection - Search for testers

    I really do not see the difficult for blocking m2bob. Client argument metamorphic + find pattern in files programs , when m2bob make a dir in directory.
  3. niiluna

    Moderation look here

    Lol e.e Thanks!
  4. niiluna

    Moderation look here

    I will try. Thanks for reply
  5. niiluna

    Moderation look here

    I'm sorry, I do not want to offend anyone . But I think a lack of consideration to us users who contribute to the community. I created a topic of services , it's been seven days and so far no one 's management approved .
  6. Yes, you can. Request my skype in PM.
  7. Added Rev. 140816 [ChangeLog] - Added Language Czech (translate by : Joseph Lochy ) - Update Language Spanish ( translate by : Jesús ) - Update Language Romanian ( translate by: Abel (Tiger) ) Download: https://mega.nz/#!K8RzgTQD!qY9-hemRM-xnTwBHgo_mFhAgOnJ8IhLOEzwYgtgdgOY
  8. Depends of your visual studio version. I using vs2010, anyway : https://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost/1.61.0/
  9. You need library boost in extern folder
  10. Run administrator mode or verify if you antivirus block application (GameLauncher.exe)
  11. Only Paid, sorry You may have set config wrong.
  12. Which language? I would like to help translate the language of your country?