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  1. BeHappy4Ever

    Metin2 DE Quests

    Cheers brother.
  2. BeHappy4Ever

    open Safe zone and no walk place

    i've done this but from where exactly?
  3. BeHappy4Ever

    open Safe zone and no walk place

    How can I edit safe zone and no walk place?
  4. BeHappy4Ever

    open Fliege files 6/7 bonus not working

    1)You should buy a blue paint from a shop 2)You should paint your laptop to blue. 3)You should throw your pc in sea. Hope i helped you, anything else you need i am here brother
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  6. BeHappy4Ever

    [Release] Mob #75 by Lynx3D

  7. BeHappy4Ever

    [Release] Mob #75 by Lynx3D

  8. BeHappy4Ever


    Looks really nice , how much time did it take for this thing? Also the system reading the old metin models and show it like this?
  9. BeHappy4Ever

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    When will it be released
  10. BeHappy4Ever

    open Problem translating (Coordinates)

    Hello Morya, For this issue you should run a G(OLD) command on PuTTy(Freebsd). Type: cd /var rm -rf db cd /usr/home rm -rf game If you have any issues feel free to ask me :) Sincerely, Behappy4ever
  11. BeHappy4Ever

    open When you import Mob to Gr2

    Driguezgames answered you. If you still need help click on my signature's "Click me" to visit my site and find my contact details.
  12. BeHappy4Ever

    open When you import Mob to Gr2

  13. BeHappy4Ever

    open Some questions

    1)From where can i delete skill status +1 (the status that you take to make a skill +1 from every levelup) 2)Answered Thanks a lot for reading my thread
  14. Vanilla is a perfect person that loves to help with no reward, she also has knowledge.


  15. BeHappy4Ever

    open PHP does not show greek

    i got this <meta charset="UTF-8"> and the text of script is on utf8 also locale_name are shown ingame with this encoding