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  1. So könnt ihr unseren Server erreichen: // Here's how you can reach our server: Homepage: Arashi3 - Homepage Board: Arashi3 - Board TS3: Teamspeak 3 - Server
  2. Hey, I added you in skype. There is a bug with the slots and at the moment I am trying to know, if your bugfix was for that bug. I send some Screens:
  3. Hab ich längst gemacht ^^

    1. Cyber36


      Was denn? ^^

    2. Ocelot2606


      das package installiert

  4. open Mainline Compilieren Error

    pkg install gcc49 in der Konsole eingeben und dann mit "y" bestätigen MfG Cyber
  5. open Metin2 stable source

    Add me on Skype: -EDIT- The name of the files + source are: Fliegex3 - Rework
  6. [C++] Counting of all the killing

    quest mob begin state start begin when kill with not npc.is_pc() begin pc.setf("mob", "count_kills", pc.getf("mob", "count_kills") + 1) end when 70001.use begin chat(string.format("Kills: %d.", pc.getf("mob", "count_kills"))) end end end Shortened and I would use lua for that... #NotTested (If it doesn't work, quote me and tell me the error output.) MfG Cyber
  7. Hey Vanilla! ^^ Do you have a client_src too? MfG Cyber
  8. Search Multi Language System for Quest !!

    Wait wait. The multilanguage system I've done myself, I didn't copied any kind of code. In luzzo's Petsystem I fixxed only the code and a core crash with the "unsummon" function and that I communicate openly in this forum. MfG Cyber
  9. Search Multi Language System for Quest !!

    Really? The source-part isn't public I think. MfG Cyber
  10. Search Multi Language System for Quest !!

    I'm selling it too. You have only one translate.lua, which is enough for quests. MfG Cyber
  11. Remove affect on login

    You have to add it there, not remove it. Entergame function in input_main.cpp. MfG Cyber
  12. Remove affect on login

    Read again.
  13. Remove affect on login

    Only remove the affect in the entergame function in the source -> input_main.cpp MfG Cyber
  14. Betashield anticheat project

    I still think, that Koray's account got hacked. Nearly 60€ for nothing, thanks for that. MfG Cyber
  15. The fix is why you're cores aren't crashing! It's nothing bad, that it stands there xD MfG Cyber