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  1. Hey Vanilla! ^^ Do you have a client_src too? MfG Cyber
  2. Wait wait. The multilanguage system I've done myself, I didn't copied any kind of code. In luzzo's Petsystem I fixxed only the code and a core crash with the "unsummon" function and that I communicate openly in this forum. MfG Cyber
  3. Really? The source-part isn't public I think. MfG Cyber
  4. I'm selling it too. You have only one translate.lua, which is enough for quests. MfG Cyber
  5. You have to add it there, not remove it. Entergame function in input_main.cpp. MfG Cyber
  6. Read again.
  7. Only remove the affect in the entergame function in the source -> input_main.cpp MfG Cyber
  8. I still think, that Koray's account got hacked. Nearly 60€ for nothing, thanks for that. MfG Cyber
  9. The fix is why you're cores aren't crashing! It's nothing bad, that it stands there xD MfG Cyber
  10. -> SetQuestFlag / GetQuestFlag, Corecrash fix.
  11. You set the length to "5", make it 50 or something like that. Try, if the error will be fixxed with it. MfG Cyber
  12. Field for example is set to: 5 as length. Your number is: 100.000 Increse the field length and set it's type to: "bigint". MfG Cyber
  13. I have a fully unbugged tutorial, but I would only sell it. It's public somewhere, but mine was really much work... MfG Cyber
  14. Okay, that I didn't tested, you're right Oo Le'me check that P.S: Huh, first I thought it's a stupid check like: "if character == "warrior"" or things like that, but it isn't Oo In my source this function was uncommented, is that the reason maybe? xD MfG Cyber
  15. I tested it and it works. Normal hits will do this effect, skills won't. Show me the opposite or a better way, when you know how please. MfG Cyber