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  1. Insert quest safebox my quest id 17 in locale_list quest armazem_portatil begin state start begin when button or info begin local map = pc.get_map_index() say("Deseja abrir o Armazém?") local armazem = select("Sim","Fechar") if armazem == 1 then if map == 21 then syschat("Você não pode abrir aqui.") return end syschat("Abriu o armazém") game.open_safebox() setskin(NOWINDOW) return end end -- w end -- s end -- q def ClickMallButton(self): print "click_mall_button" net.SendChatPacket("/click_mall") to: def ClickMallButton(self): import event event.QuestButtonClick(17) No run =/
  2. System save account

    Does not work.
  3. open autopatcher problem

    Is not updating all files. Some files are updating and are inside the folder pack
  4. open Switchbot Problem 6/7

    I know how it works. The problem is when you enter in slot 6 it only for when it is in slot 7 in the item.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble using Switchbot, actually I think everyone is. I have tested all the files I found on the internet and all appear to have the same error. When I choose the bonus in the 1st option (6) it only works when the bonus appears in the 2nd option (7), when the selected bonus appears in the 1 option (6) it passes straight does not stay
  6. open Quest count kill

    Your mode worked.. Total count ok kingdom count does not Edit: I got delete quest ./reload q ingame.. reboot again Do not get me wrong, I just do not want to be a lazy man who tries only what they tell me. your quest is very good #closerequest
  7. open Quest count kill

    database works, the server does not work
  8. open Quest count kill

    I want to delete the log of all players kill count
  9. open Quest count kill

    Hello devs, http://prntscr.com/ii3384 problem is when I clean the base date. The quest still has the kill, how can I clear the kill in the quest?
  10. Hello I have the wom2 home page. I am having problem activating the email me error appears. It's account is created normally but only the email does not work. Confirm Record email.
  11. open quest kill count in database

    woool!! Very nice guy, perfect work
  12. open quest kill count in database

    no insert database count =/ database player quest contador_kill begin state start begin when login begin set_state(contador_kills) end end state contador_kills begin function GetEmpireNames() local data = { [1] = "shinsoo", [2] = "chunjo", [3] = "jinno" }; return data; end -- function when kill with npc.is_pc() begin local qf_name = string.format("players_%s", contador_kill.GetEmpireNames()[npc.get_empire()]); pc.setqf("total_players", pc.getqf("total_players")+1); pc.setqf(qf_name, pc.getqf(qf_name)+1); -- Insert value in MySQL. mysql_direct_query(string.format("UPDATE player.kill_system SET quantidade = %d WHERE id = %d;", pc.getqf("total_players"), pc.get_player_id())); end -- when when 11000.chat."Contador de Kills" or 11002.chat."Contador de Kills" or 11004.chat."Contador de Kills" begin say_title("Contador de Kills:[ENTER]") say_reward(string.format("Você matou um total de %d players.[ENTER]", pc.getqf("total_players"))) say("Dos reinos:[ENTER]") for _, empire_name in ipairs(contador_kill.GetEmpireNames()) do local qf_name = string.format("players_%s", empire_name); say_reward(string.format("- %d reino %s;", pc.getqf(qf_name), empire_name)) end -- for end -- when end end
  13. open Quest Problem

    quest pextis begin state start begin when login or levelup begin chat("teste") chat("teste") chat("teste") notice_all("teste") notice_all("teste") end -- when end -- state end -- quest comand in putty Directory/Diretorio onde esta a quest cd /home/xx/game/share/locale/germany/quest and/depois ./qc namequest.lua ./qc namequest.quest login in game account GM/Logar com sua conta GM /reload q and /level xx or login logout
  14. open python mall in inventory

    not find a 40k font without many errors = /