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  1. 3D ART Tatsumaru

    good work, but this shamana look like a slut regards
  2. c++ Transparency check for images

    Those things change Metin2 to be better Thank you Awesome
  3. [Release] Quest Categories

    i like this so much, good job
  4. [How-To] Metin2 & Cython

    Tank you, 0 errors
  5. New Shop price text

    good job, thank you for it
  6. [DL] 2 New Mounts

    wow, so good quality and good mounts
  7. Seon-Pyeong - fixed model

    i like this details , they made the game better
  8. Famale Ninja face - edited

    hahahahahha i really laught with this ahha but so great job xd XDD good job
  9. Fishing animation- wait.gr2 (fix)

    thank you
  10. Ridack Lion Pet -->www.ridack3d.jimdo.com

    nice, and thank you
  11. Ridack Armor Sura-->www.ridack3d.jimdo.com

    thank you, maybe i will use it
  12. [Release]Geisha Hairstyle

    i like it, great job ridack
  13. New Npc

    well done