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  1. Flow

    League Emote System for Metin2 - meleme18

    Love it! Best regard, Flow
  2. Flow

    Ship Defense - New Instance

    Well done!
  3. Flow

    open Bugged

    crashed windows.dds
  4. very interesting project, good luck
  5. Hello dev How to add a source side animated weapon skins? Thanks you for any help
  6. Hi ! I would like to do a static python, but I have a few questions 1.) Has anyone done it? 2.) How did this exercise,if not cause any stange crash client? 3.) How to start doing it? @Koray @martysama0134 @VegaS Thanks for any help
  7. wooow, amazing job man
  8. @bigdon Could you share psd file ?
  9. Flow

    Metin2 Unreal Engine [Preview]

    sorry, my mistake, but nice job
  10. Flow

    Metin2 Unreal Engine [Preview]

    wow, amazing job <3 How long did you edit source of binary, and that much of this work ?
  11. Flow

    [C++] Chance for Bravery Cape

    This is a easy edit, but great job
  12. Flow

    Santhia - Online soon!

    Amazing interface .. I Love IT :*