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  1. map

    yes shadow .dds file is to big. your world editor exe has 1024x1024. I want 8192x8192 for more beautiful shadows. If you make this for me I will be happy brother
  2. map

    Bro can you share world editor.exe with 8192 resolution shadow ? 1024x1024 is not really pls share
  3. c++

    you're welcome Ken
  4. open

    still sameeeeeee
  5. open

    still same
  6. open

  7. open

    hey I have same problem help
  8. Hey plechi you are good at this job. Why dont you improve main character's wait animation ? I think if you make new wait animation, it will be beautiful my brother. I think do it.
  9. open

    i have same problem since last friday. is not there ? anybody who is knows ?
  10. open

    bump help please
  11. open

    still same. who is anybody knows ?
  12. open

    pls help
  13. open

    I need better idea or fix. its so bad
  14. open

    what should I do ?
  15. open

    I checked special character. There is not problem