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  1. open Quest text problem

    sameeeeeeeeeeeeeee help please
  2. map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    shadow resolution makes from world editor source. do you have how compile world editor source ? I have but cant compile it.
  3. map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    yes shadow .dds file is to big. your world editor exe has 1024x1024. I want 8192x8192 for more beautiful shadows. If you make this for me I will be happy brother
  4. map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Bro can you share world editor.exe with 8192 resolution shadow ? 1024x1024 is not really pls share
  5. c++ A small fix about Messenger

    you're welcome Ken
  6. open Quest text problem

    still sameeeeeee
  7. open Quest text problem

    still same
  8. open Quest text problem

  9. open Quest text problem

    hey I have same problem help
  10. [Summer]Melon metinstone

    Hey plechi you are good at this job. Why dont you improve main character's wait animation ? I think if you make new wait animation, it will be beautiful my brother. I think do it.
  11. open Quest text problem

    i have same problem since last friday. is not there ? anybody who is knows ?
  12. open Quest text problem

    bump help please
  13. open Quest text problem

    still same. who is anybody knows ?
  14. open Quest text problem

    pls help