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  1. Hello, Ya, I'm TWIX. This offline shop is Ken offline shop. This board you can copy from nirvana v2 client.
  2. Hello guyz, I use coins in inventory (c++) and I want to create a shop with coins currency. Mostly I did everything, but there is a 0 coin item in the store, and I can not afford it. Do I have to go after Gold to do item_proto.txt so I can put it in price? With shopEx I do not know how to work.
  3. This is a problem with new sash on LeNnT sash
  4. I have this and absortion doesn't work.
  5. I have a problem with absortion sash (patch 17.5) for LeNnT. Absortion it's 1%. The others sash have the right absortion (1%, 5%, 10%, ~25%).
  6. ZyuX

    open Refresh coins in inventory

    No, doesn't work: unindent does not match any outer indentation level (uiInventory.py, line 1587) Line 1587: if app.ENABLE_COINS_INVENTORY: def OnUpdate(self): self.wndCoins.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToSecondaryCoinString(constInfo.Coins)) EDIT: My fault, I've added but coins doesn't refreshing.
  7. Hy guys, I have a problem with refreshing for coins in inventory. I need to relog to refresh coins in inventory. I want to do like moneys. Any ideeas? uiinventory.py: https://pastebin.com/hHfFaUbP