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  1. Don't recommended
  2. Hey I sent you a PM.
  3. I think i can do it Skype: mrgaboo00 Topic:
  4. Offline shop? Sorry, but you mean in client? or in web-based?
  5. Hey! I will send a PM. Patcher will be implement all of the features
  6. Send me a PM
  7. systems for what?
  8. same with me i used NAT, but dhclient em0 (if em0 is hamachi) use bounded ip address
  9. ReUP please! Free to use?
  10. Thanks. Close.
  11. Hi! I want disable trading with GMs well its looks like: exchange.cpp (def. line 61) if(strstr(victim->GetName(), "[")) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can't trade with admins")); return false; } Yes thats right, but if GM isn't the victim it doesn't works. Modify like this: if(strstr(victim->GetName(), "[") || strstr(pOwner->GetName(), "["))But the pOwner is not declared yet. How can i solve this?
  12. Hi community! How can i compile server source code on linux , how can i run the complied source?