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  1. c++ Official Inventory Expansion

    Well then , delete that mysql query interogation from char.cpp & player table. You don`t them anymore.
  2. c++ Official Inventory Expansion

    Use the new update Check your function CExchange::CheckSpace
  3. c++ Auto Announcements

    Use c++11.
  4. c++ Official Inventory Expansion

    https://paste2.org/OmFeKNGW From turkmmo. Just try to adapt it to this code.
  5. c++ Official Inventory Expansion

    Check itemsize vs free space when u exchange
  6. python Advanced Game Options

    Why don`t use english when you code?
  7. open Refresh real time maintenance by vegas

    It was a joke , man.
  8. Just write FoxFS and you will see for yourself. At the moment , there is no decryptor for it and it`s way faster. Do you still use that Locale.cpp shit , right?
  9. [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    Exactly! Wtf is this? A new kind of inteligent "backdoor" ?
  10. open Client Protection

    Wtf? Your kinda retard or smoke something before you post here? @M2BobFixed
  11. open Player/Mob name range

    Well , in fact you want to lower the rendering distance. I dont know exactly where to find the function/s , but maybe this will give you a tip