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  1. solved Double Map after Teleport

    send me your skype in private message
  2. Hi i saw your post about duplicate connection on OX map . Could u help me to make that function for other maps. because map_attender is only on OX function.

    I want to make it through getmapindex.

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    2. Ken


      You have to keep IP address in the map to search it. Then you can find the multiple connections from the map. I did this for ox event. It's probably be same.

    3. r0bertt69


      It didn't work when i used getmapindex function to read ip connection . Cause function use m_map_attender from ox . An that function i don't have on other maps.

    4. Ken


      You have to keep that IP address which map index you want. If you can't, you can't check it.

  3. Metin2 New crypt for pack files

    @Thanatos yes why not :-?? Hope to find a solution
  4. Metin2 New crypt for pack files

    It's kind in test , i have an little bug with load texture ingame , not always loading tree and effects but i will fix them soon Actually i want more opinions about crypter instead of lzo is using an another compression method fastest than lzo.
  5. How can I do? ...

    P.M with ur skype id