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  1. Izaya


  2. Izaya

    [Page] IconMetin2.pl

    Nice idea, I think it will help a lot of people (when they will know it exists)
  3. Izaya

    error by linking the binary

    Debug works normally but release gives this mismatch between versions? And what you did that you can compile in debug?
  4. Izaya

    error by linking the binary

    Do you have service pack 1 installed? Have you tried to rebuild everything?
  5. Izaya

    error by linking the binary

    Which version of visual studio are you using?
  6. Izaya

    [ Granny Tool ] GR2 Texture Changer

    I guess u don't understand what i meant by that. The problem here for me is that you are acting here like you have released some big program while: 1. it is already public (nope it's not virused as u are saying and it works fine) 2. it is only very very simple winforms application made in .NET (C# ?) and u are not an owner of granny preprocessor (which u renamed to thc.dll like you've made it) neither of granny2 library file
  7. Izaya

    [ Granny Tool ] GR2 Texture Changer

    1. If you really paid for this, u must be really dumb 2. That tool released on epvp is not virused, I doubt you know what virus is, you can change textures normally with that tool from epvp
  8. Izaya

    [ Granny Tool ] GR2 Texture Changer

    This is already public and you propably just stole the idea(?). Source with few lines made in .NET using granny preprocessor renamed to thc.dll :-) This "program" is the definition of bullshit
  9. Izaya

    [LUA]Mysql_Query() not counting rows

    Well of course this won't work because mysql_query returns table (if you are using mijago's function). You propably wan't to do it like this: local kills = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM database.table")[1][1]
  10. Izaya

    Error Client-Starting

    Option 1: Replace all True in root with TRUE Option 2: Add new constants named True and False in your source code
  11. Izaya

    Visual Studio 2008 "error"

    Use XP? Are you really recommending using Windows XP? Please say no Btw why just not use google? Here you go: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4886383/remote-debugging-in-visual-studio
  12. Izaya

    Problem with installing G++ :s

    Try to install it this way: pkg_add -r gcc49
  13. Izaya

    Problem with installing G++ :s

    FreeBSD 9.3 64 bit I haven't installed gcc48 oO I only tried to install gcc49 with: cd /usr/ports/lang/gcc4/ && make install clean Then it was propably pre-installed. How do you tried to uninstall gcc48 and install gcc49?
  14. Izaya

    Problem with installing G++ :s

    On which version of freebsd are you trying to accomplish this? And you installed gcc48 with pkg?