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    [C++]Some Src TuTs

    Since the guy who made the topic has deleted all the content, I'll re-up some of the TuTs that were there. 1. Enable 6-7 opt: (Europe, Singapore, Vietnam) 2. Change the Success Rate on attaching a Stone to an Item 3. Remove 3% tax when selling an Item 4. Enable Selling an Item by 0 yang in NPC shop 5. Enable pc_change_name (Europe) 6. Enable Selling 70024 () and 70035 () in NPC shop 7. Disable 6/7 Bonuses ( - )on Costumes 8. Edit Shutdown Time (when doing /shutdown command) 9. Edit Max Level 10. Delete Glass () need for link items in chat: 11. Dice and ÁÖ»çŔ§ fix 12. Disable Players drop Yang to the floor 13. Bonus Change Time 0min for Players 14. Change the time from dropped items 15. Make a New Mount to be able to Attack 16. Edit Max Status Points 17. Remove and edit limit_time (alias TimeBomb) 18. Emotions without Emotion Mask () 19. Fix War Crash Bug 20. Edit GM Commands Authority 21. Get Status Points after Level 90 22. Remove Potions when Levelup 23. Edit Rates Values 24. Fix Client Version Check Pay attention to tabulations. Keep in mind that this is just a re-upload of them tut's, some of them can be found way more completed. If you find something wrong feel free to say.
  2. My life is completed. Pendulum mixed with trance? Yes, please.
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    [How-To] View TGA in Windows Explorer

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    Rules §1 Language (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation. The only exception for this rule is this section: Private Servers
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    [WTB] Serverfiles

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    [Private Servers] What happens?

    They're playing with fire, in my humble opinion.
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    how to i do for People can´t drop gold

    You just need to search.
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    Tooltips gone

    What changes you made? Increase alignment?
  9. Shisui

    Shop offline disappear

    That's what you should've done first hand - bought the system from its creator.
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    Metin Stones

    I figured, but I don't know where to start.
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    Metin Stones

    That's only for showing the affects on the stone like the image above.
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    Metin Stones

    You have to edit uitooltip so the stone shows 2 affects, because the code is setup for one. http://pastebin.com/Ri1MBDvH
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    Metin Stones

    I did dig that and I end up with this but on a weapon only shows one. Guess you have to mess with uitooltip.
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    I need the perfect Weapon Costume system

    The problem is that you may end up go for a walk.
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    16.2 Gameforge Update

    Again, I don't see anything related with the skills, that's what i'm most interested in. But that teaser is almost the same as the other one, besides the new metins.
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    Spawned NPC

    That npc usually spawns by doing /xmas_boom. Use /eclipse for night mode. if (name == "xmas_boom") { if (value && !prev_value) { SpawnEventHelper(true); } else if (!value && prev_value) { SpawnEventHelper(false); } }