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  1. it's character window, where/how i can change this?
  2. cannot open include file: 'python.h': No such file or directory anyone?
  3. https://pastebin.com/fe72R0yb I have problem when i want to compile my source game code.. anyone?
  4. open P2P Logout

    ANYONE i think that this is problem with bin but i dont know how to fix this
  5. open P2P Logout

    hey, i have a problem. when i get killed by other player or mob i just logged out to intrologin.. syserr doesnt says anything, in syslog i find this, but this isnt says too much.. any help? please. P2P: Logout Marco
  6. ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: The user specified as a definer ('root'@'%') does not exist (query: INSERT DELAYED INTO log (type, time, who, x, y, what, how, hint, ip, vnum) VALUES('ITEM', NOW(), 1, 9, 0, 2100000691, 'SET_SOCKET', '', '', 72005) errno: 1449) so much of this in syserr
  7. New effect

  8. New effect

    lol this is nothing new, you only change tga file lmao xD
  9. Boss effect

    same question, bump!