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  1. flygun

    open Bin does not start

    is there a process running in task manager ?
  2. flygun

    open Bin compile error

    replace granny_variant twoSideResult; if (GrannyFindMatchingMember(pgrnMaterial->ExtendedData.Type, pgrnMaterial->ExtendedData.Object, "Two-sided", &twoSideResult) && NULL != twoSideResult.Type) GrannyConvertSingleObject(twoSideResult.Type, twoSideResult.Object, TwoSidedFieldType, &twoSided, NULL); m_bTwoSideRender = 1 == twoSided; with this granny_variant TwoSidedVariant; if (GrannyFindMatchingMember(pgrnMaterial->ExtendedData.Type, pgrnMaterial->ExtendedData.Object, "Two-sided", &TwoSidedVariant)) GrannyConvertSingleObject(TwoSidedVariant.Type, TwoSidedVariant.Object, TwoSidedFieldType, &twoSided, 0); m_bTwoSideRender = 1 == twoSided; not tested I'm on mobile
  3. flygun

    Visual Studio 2017

    first of all .... yes you can compile the source code in vs2017 it's just a program ... the language itself didn't change ... but for the error you have to provide us with some information other than just saying that you've got a problem ... programing isn't a job it's a life style Best regards Flygun !!

    please answer here :)

  5. flygun

    hi dev! freebsd 64 bit build error

    #Moved from How-to to Q&A
  6. flygun


    hmmmm i'm thinking of this as (33% of drop rate ) so if the drop rate = (200%) the 33% is still 33% ... 33% of (100) = 33 33% of (200) = 66 (not 66% which is 132) 33% of (300) = 99 item (not 99% which is 297) i've didn't read it yet ...
  7. flygun

    Changing Channel Method

    #moved (Community>Feedback to Metin2>General)
  8. flygun

    Costume weapon offical bonus change help

    #moved (Tech>C++ to Metin2>Questions and Answers) #please read the forum's rules about bumping ...
  9. flygun

    [Help] Item in inventory

    #moved (Tech>C++ to Metin2>Q&A)
  10. flygun

    Full HP after Login/Warp

    Take a look at this ,,,please make sure that you search before starting a topic + make sure about the section when you start a topic #moved (General to Q&A)
  11. congratulations for being a moderator bro :P

    1. flygun


      Thanks bro ;)I hope to be a good one :P

  12. flygun

    Shutdown command

    #moved (releases>binaries.. to Metin2>Q&A)
  13. #moved (Tech>Python to Metin2>Q&A)
  14. Hi..can you please check your inbox?

  15. flygun

    Metin2 Source Files

    Try to search Try to Serach before asking :-) FlyGun :-)