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  1. Krusty

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Ups sorry. Do it lower
  2. Krusty

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Its an problem with a txt you need to setup up the ground higher. Change the High Scale from setting.txt you're welcome
  3. Krusty

    Metin2 ✘ Official Catch King

    Are u stupid?
  4. Krusty


    same problem... someone has a fix for this?
  5. Same problem... did you get a solution?
  6. Krusty

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    Disable or enable? I used enable and doesnt work. But thanks anyway
  7. Krusty

    WorldEditor ReMIX

    https://prnt.sc/ivkdqu how to fix? im using w7
  8. Krusty

    Problem with Metin2 World Editor

    same problem!
  9. Krusty

    VPS KVM on OVH dedicated server

    Hey, please write me a private message.
  10. Krusty

    Post your desktop.

  11. Krusty

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    said the kid who scams people for 10€ kek