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  1. EnKor

    open Select value in DB c++

  2. EnKor

    open Select value in DB c++

    5* Perfect. Ty!
  3. EnKor

    open Select value in DB c++

    That way, count is allways "1" that way do not get invernus table value
  4. How to make it right? Any help please.
  5. EnKor

    open Anti mount in combat

    Thats not the soluction. I only need avoid mount/ride if player are in combat. If he is in protect pkmode then he can ride/mount
  6. There's any way to avoid people from ride horse or costume mount in combat? when people are at war in city or any other map, people mount/unmount to avoid hits. Any way to fix this and avoid the use of mounts in combat?
  7. Hi, there's any fix to avoid people use wedding dress, flower in Costume_mount? And if we remove flower with wedding dress on, my char enter in ground. Any fix for this? Ty.
  8. EnKor

    open ANTI_FALL

    But how can i make it? Where to add or edit, cuz i cant make it work.
  9. EnKor

    open ANTI_FALL

  10. EnKor

    open ANTI_FALL

    Nop. Not in there! I need something like this; AddAffect(SKILL_CHUNKEON, POINT_IMMUNE_FALL, 100, AFF_CHEONGEUN_WITH_FALL, 30, 0, true, true);
  11. EnKor

    open ANTI_FALL

    Hi there, Is it possible in anyway add that "affect"!? to all players? I mean this skill http://wiki.metin2.co.uk/index.php/Strong_Body If u'r warrior with Strong body active, ur char dont fall with hits/skill. But this skill/affect only work in warrior. Is it possible add that to all players... ? How?? Ty to all.
  12. EnKor

    [C++] CheckWrongItems

    Copyright What it does? Everytime player login in game, this function will look in all itens from player inventory. If server detect any item with more bonus then normal (from item_attr table).... the server will replace all bonus from this system. I hope u understand and sorry for my english! //#input_login.cpp // #char.cpp //#char.h //#sql to logs //#Know bugs items with SKILL_DAMAGE_BONUS or NORMAL_HIT_DAMAGE_BONUS will see bonus replace this sistem dont detect itens with bónus 6/7 this system will replace bónus from sash system etc.... If anyone know how to solve this small bugs, reply pleace. Its a nice and simple system to help in Fair Play
  13. can any one reupload this folder please. No other serverfiles have this folder correct
  14. i real do not know about this "capital letter" bug.... but u have right. I'm not lazzy... and this tip is one REAL big help
  15. well... i have same problem as MORTE, and i solve it with ur help. But are u serius?! i have 3 compactores and none work with capital letters.... can u advice any compactor... or this is normal, and only happen in with textures?