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  1. Hello devs!As title say i try to revive metin2united server from 2010 with all things from that exactly as that server. For now i search someone who play that server in exactly that period to test server and tell me exactly how server was and test it with me. I search this homepage: and 127 weapons from that server(exactly 2010) not newer.And i search Liho map and Ascaria map if someone have it. Server will contantain 4 subservers: -Elios -Saphire -Atheros -Nemesis What do you say about this?Its a good idea, can you help me with resource from that period.Or if you have that client in your pc and you wanna share with me will be great:) If someone will be able to help me with this server fille i will share server fille+source with him if he wanna open an server,and if he its agree i wanna post that server;single thing that i wanna its to revive that amazing server! Have a nice day and im waiting for your answer!Thanks!Lets revive the old!
  2. Thanatos

    The best ServerFiles?

    just test it:)
  3. Thanatos

    The best ServerFiles?

    english server fille 99% (have just 2-3 words in turkish...i forgot to translate them). #ifndef __INC_SERVICE_H__ #define __INC_SERVICE_H__ #define __DUNGEON_FOR_GUILD__ #ifdef __DUNGEON_FOR_GUILD__ #define __MELEY_LAIR_DUNGEON__ #ifdef __MELEY_LAIR_DUNGEON__ #define __DESTROY_INFINITE_STATUES_GM__ #define __LASER_EFFECT_ON_75HP__ #define __LASER_EFFECT_ON_50HP__ #endif #endif #define _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ #define __PET_SYSTEM__ #define __UDP_BLOCK__ #define ENABLE_SOULBIND_SYSTEM #define __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ #define NEW_PET_SYSTEM #define __NEWPET_SYSTEM__ #define __7AND8TH_SKILLS__ #define __WOLFMAN_CHARACTER__ #define ENABLE_OFFLINE_SHOP_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_MAXIMUM_YANG_FOR_OFFLINE_SHOP #define __COSTUME_ATTR_SYSTEM__ #define __NEW_ENCHANT_ATTR__ #define ENABLE_QUIVER_SYSTEM #define __HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM__ #define ENABLE_ITEM_COMBINATION #define __ANTI_RESIST_MAGIC_BONUS__ #define __SEND_TARGET_INFO__ #define ENABLE_YMIR_AFFECT_FIX #define __PET_PICKUP #define __FIX_PET_ATTACK #define __EFFECT_SYSTEM__ #endif Almost like official You have source code there for client and server.
  4. Thanatos

    The best ServerFiles?

    Yep.Not perfect but a good start for you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2xVVyA9jm_ydWZUcXM5WVRSeTQ
  5. Thanatos

    Burnblade UI by Evil:

    hmm.You are right! Why not and maybe will be better than actual interface . I will try to make it for m2.
  6. this information are verry usefull thank and i think i can do it myself.
  7. yes but personaly im interested for dx11 or dx12 and i can pay for this transformation.
  8. wow.and for directx? you have some tutorial how to upgrade it to dx12 or at leart 11?
  9. I need a person to help me with configurate all thing to start an hosting company.That person will be paid 25% from all billing. No need to add monney because already i have 2 dedicated servers,each have 128gb ram and 4tb storage and 1 cloud vps for master server. Details here or in private.
  10. Thanatos

    Importing mt2 models in Unity, why not ?

    its possible and not verry hard.if you import models in 3dsmax you can export them to unreal or unity.but 3dsmax will be support for you to play in unity or unreal with fbx pluggins.
  11. Thanatos

    Lycanee - New official character

    hmm look good...this update was good to apear when lycan man was imlemented...
  12. Thanatos

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    fleon you can share unpacker for mob_proto?or sell it.
  13. Thanatos

    Help - How to Use Basic Source Metin2

    basical is not so hard to learn/understand you to use source(at mediul level).but if you need to explain how to use it im open to help you.Send me in pm your skype adress.Till then look at this video. Fell free to contact me if you have questions.
  14. Thanatos

    Skills over P - Skill loop problem

    A simple resolvation on this loop its just to create a second condition on skill over p with effects in source binary and after to use it in playersetting module.
  15. Thanatos

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    can someone share a tool that unpack official pack to see corectly(without crc error) gr2 models?