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  1. r00t

    open Client security

    First point: yes, protect your eix/epk is important...you can "integrate" in client exe all eix files but can be a possibility that people extract eix from exe Second point: as i know (maybe) M2Bob need to start himself a client exe but if you find a way to start client ONLY with patcher you block it
  2. r00t

    open C++ Bosses stand still

    In mob proto, atm dont remember what colum (is where you find NO_MOVE), add CRUSHER
  3. r00t

    open Costume Weapons BUG

    Wrong position of code in packet...client think is weapon instead of sash and viceversa
  4. r00t

    open new to mt2 developing

    C++ and Python...and something else
  5. r00t

    BUG Warrior Female

    Did you try to use other pc2 pack?
  6. r00t

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Are you sure error is made by GF or OnGame? They just administrate server where metin is started, no more. Source is prerogative of Ymir...so mistake (if it was) is mabe by their
  7. r00t

    open How to delete quest?

    What do you mean?
  8. r00t

    open [SOLVED] AntiExp Button

    True story. Make this system in source is very easy if you have unknolegde... or google can help you "metin2 anti exp c++"
  9. r00t

    [Skill Damage] Ninja Arc

    Oh God... this is Metin2! More is distance between attacker and victim, less is damage. There is a system, made from GF (or Ymir or whatever you want) that remove this problem: Quiver. Anyway... a fast solution is: #Battle.cpp #Search: int CalcArrowDamage(LPCHARACTER pkAttacker, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, LPITEM pkBow, LPITEM pkArrow, bool bIgnoreDefense) #In this function find: int iPercent = 100 - (iGap * 5); #Replace with: iPercent = 100;
  10. r00t

    [Collection] File Requests

    Hi all... someone have this costumes? ID from 41456 to 41463... thank you ^^
  11. r00t


    Why you call procedure "CopyAllAttrTo" and after you delete all bonus with a for cicle? You can just delete it and you will not have bonus in new items
  12. About slot...you need to change uicostume.py in root About mounts...if you create item mount, it have always 0 time remain so...when you use this item, the quest for mounts, control the time and if is 0, it unmount you. If you want try...make s simple quest that, via NPC, give you items...in this case time is set to same quantity that you find in limitvalue in db (or txt).
  13. r00t

    Belt bug

    Your problem is in uiinventory...have you declader position of belt?
  14. r00t

    Add 7 norm attr.

    Try to add 7 bonus and check in db if your item have 7 bonus...if yes problem, ad i say, is in tooltip...if not you have miss somethings