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  1. open Flashing | in chat

    @Shang How can I do: when I'm writing something - blinking draw will stop blink and will be stopped until I stop write then it will start blinking again.
  2. [HowTo] Colored quest scrolls

    Can't click on the first quest scroll.
  3. open Random number?

    Hey guys, can someone tell me how can I do random number every time??? Sincerely, ReFresh
  4. open Flashing | in chat

    Hey guys, Is here someone who know how to do flashing this: | in chat in game? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  5. open Searching a map

    Hey guys, have someone these maps?
  6. open How to make block buff button?

    I made it. But I'm asking for the code for block buff. And for why this toggle event don't work: self.blockButtonList[8].SetToggleDownEvent(self.__OnClickBlockBuffButton) When I put [7] istead of [8] it's working.
  7. Hey guys, is here someone who know how to open private shops without canceling them? Example: I open one private shop by clicking on the title of the private shop and then I click on another title of another private shop and that will open next private shop. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  8. Is here someone who can make this feature?

    I pay for the fix.
  9. Feature enhancement

    @Legend Can you fix it?
  10. Hey guys, I need to block buff button. I did it like block duel button tutorial. And tried to add it here: And it does not work :/ can someone help me with it? I added only: && pkVictim->IsBlockMode(BLOCK_BUFF) to the code. And here is one more problem: self.blockButtonList[8].SetToggleDownEvent(self.__OnClickBlockBuffButton) I can't do this down event ingame is here some limit for list??? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  11. open ErrorLog in client question

    @M.Sorin Thanks, so you think python 2.7 don't have these errors?
  12. Hey guys, can someone explain me what is this sh**? This sh** you can find in ErrorLog.txt in the base directory of client. Thanks for answers" Sincerely, ReFresh
  13. Shadow system

    Someone know how to make a settext? like in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH8moT61mx0
  14. Urgent Arial font problem client

    You can see some Dots under letters. This problem you can see on every font larger than 12px.