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  1. Inventar sortieren

  2. Deadline2 - Begin your Journey [03.02.2018]

    That's true, for who knows one of those languages it can be strange, that's why we got plenty of oriental fonts around the internet like ReadingFromTheEast and so on. But the presentation have an oriental style, not "Japanase" and as you can see the presentation is not in japanase language, but i agree with the fact that it was a mistake to put japanase and chinese words together for absolutely no reasons. The presentation looks really good though apart from those little mistakes.
  3. Deadline2 - Begin your Journey [03.02.2018]

    You mean oriental style?
  4. c++ Multi Price 7 options

    Welcome to malibuclub everyone
  5. Official Itemshop

    This one looks great, and he seems to be a trustable person.
  6. ENAMT2

    Very very güncel dude! Keep it up, and never forget one thing: "TEK TIK BIYOLOK" - Buddha

    Nextworld was not a copy tho, that server was like a twin server to m2m made by two of the old m2m creators. When m2m got closed back then, they kept nextworld running, and it’s still online, the servers name is nw2online, they changed it a bit. Now it’s a “whole new game”, but they kept some standard m2m features like the titan set. Btw this guy is still a bih for sell another peoples stuff.
  8. open Abilitis bug

  9. So no devs working on the server anymore? Then how will you guys make updates?!?!?! SO SAD. First improve your google translate english skills, then you can have an international server. Oh and please, please hire a graphic designer, the pictures are just disgusting (the website too tho). Looks like a great hamachi server. I'm cryin'. I just trying to give you some advice tho, don't be mad at me. Or be mad. It'll be still shitty.
  10. Warning - Terebithia.pl

    Is it a big thing that you have these files? Is it worth to make a new topic just to let people know that you have it? Your e-penis is pretty big now, huh? It's just a non-sense topic, with non-sense content nothing else. Reported.
  11. c++ Fixing charselect "update bugs"

    Probably you have sash/acce and that's the problem. In client/PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameActor.cpp Search for: void CPythonNetworkStream::__RecvCharacterUpdatePacket(SNetworkUpdateActorData * pkNetUpdateActorData) Paste this: m_akSimplePlayerInfo[m_dwSelectedCharacterIndex].wSashPart = pkNetUpdateActorData->m_dwSash; Below this: m_akSimplePlayerInfo[m_dwSelectedCharacterIndex].wMainPart = pkNetUpdateActorData->m_dwArmor; Maybe you have dwAcce instead of sash.
  12. c++ Fixing charselect "update bugs"

    You made something wrong then. I've got this from a long time ago and works well, without problems.
  13. open Itemshop by Shang