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  1. open Port remains online

    Like I said it's not a client problem because I tested it with more clients, with serverinfo.py or just from intrologin.py. For now I use "import socket" which works fine, but I will need to resolve that problem.
  2. c++ Trade Chat

    I installed it like 3 times and it doesn't work... Same syserr.
  3. c++ Trade Chat

    I implemented it without error, but when I try to use that chat it doesn't work, it says nothing. In syserr of core I have Chat: Unknown chat type 10 How can I solve it? Thank you!
  4. open Port remains online

  5. open Port remains online

    Hi, I have a problem with my channels core (I think). When I start a channel it says it's online in the client, but if I stop the channel it will continue to say that is online until I do a reboot. I checked that channel with "sockstat -l" and online port checker and it's effectively offline, but in the client it says that's online. The problem is not the client because I tested it with 2 or 3 clients and it always says that is online until reboot. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Another thing: if channel 1 is offline then it shows that all channels are offline, even if some are online.
  6. Insert argument in patcher

    I used m_runArgs += std::wstring(L"myarg"); because only m_runArgs +="myarg"; didn't work
  7. Insert argument in patcher

    I know, but how can I insert that code in my autopatcher since it hasn`t got any source code? LE: Does this autopatcher look like this? LLE: Solved. Can close topic Thank you everyone for replies!
  8. Insert argument in patcher

    But can I put an argument into run_path from the official autopatcher? If I can't do anything I will look for another one.
  9. Insert argument in patcher

    It's difficult. Isn't there any way to do this with this autopatcher?
  10. Insert argument in patcher

    Yes, but there isn't any source code...
  11. Insert argument in patcher

    Hello all, I have a little problem. I just took a look in this topic and I built the launcher with @arves100's code (thank you). The launcher now requires to be run by the autopatcher. The problem is that I don't know how to paste the argument in the patcher. I use official 2013 patcher (that one with torrent). How can I do that? Thank you.