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  1. Thank's for Your work, Vanilla! I think it would be useful to create a small guide on how to configure a virtual machine that can compile your files without errors. This would allow more people to test the file
  2. This is a beautiful project!I downloaded the sources (server) you provided and I followed Arves's guide to create a new Extern.Now I'm trying to compile using an updated toolset (v14), but the DB gives me the following error - I attach screen-: https://ibb.co/dBtDmx
  3. open duel advanced vegas problem source

    Also I have added this system recently and I have compiled successfully. Upload the pvp.cpp file
  4. open Property already registered

    I have not included anything in the property and even made changes. The problem occurs when I insert a folder in "zones". The added folder contains .gr2, .mde, .mse and .mdatr files
  5. Does anyone know how to solve? Replacing the file obviously does not work. https://ibb.co/fd7ckS
  6. Thanks, for me worked!!! /game/src/StdAFx.h #if __cplusplus <= 199711L //C++99 Compatibility code #define __typeof typeof #endif Edit2: if anyone have this problem: undefined reference to boost::system::system_category() add into makefile, at end of CFLAGS, this: -lboost_system
  7. Link source : https://mega.nz/#!YOwGhLCJ!E0VHAPsDQ5-uSA04EX_SJxulvwe5H9Tho-cNna0YoUQ Hi Vanilla! I am using Freebsd 11 32bit, I have no gcc and I have installed clang. How come I get the same errors? https://ibb.co/mNvcR6
  8. Is a betting system then?
  9. Thanks, I was looking for something like that! Would you explain to me what is the screen where you enter "80"?
  10. Check if the file exists and therefore the path.
  11. [Release] Npc-Lord Kaia {Nopehyte}

    thanks for sharing!!
  12. open an integer is required

    https://imgur.com/a/pCkjm Yes, is imported.
  13. open an integer is required

    No, there are no #ifdef. I can not really understand what the problem is ...
  14. open Txt

    For insert a new weapon serving various steps. First, you have to pack the new information into the item_proto client + server (.txt or sql). Next, add a string such as "locale_xxx \ item_list.txt": 91 WEAPON icon / item / 00090.tga d: / ymir work / item / weapon / 00090.gr2 Where the first is the value of the weapon (equal to that of the proto), the second is the typology, the third is the path of the icon, and the fourth is the .gr2 of the sword. I hope I have not forgotten anything.