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    1: 2: I do not think there are any such commands. 3: Without source I do not think it is possible. 4:
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    A friend tells me that if it is not present in the db, you should reboot, it should be impossible for him to log in. At that point you will not be able to create players with such long names. It also tells me that through the index (in player) it is possible to locate the player in question.
  4. open

    Try Anti Long name generator: *input_login.cpp Find: if (true == g_BlockCharCreation) { d->Packet(&packFailure, sizeof(packFailure)); return; } Add it under: if (strlen(pinfo->name) > 12){ d->Packet(&packFailure, sizeof(packFailure)); return; } http://puu.sh/k37mU/08f03b17a3.png http://puu.sh/k6lm5/9984c993db.jpg
  5. Hi guys, i have this error, anyone can help me? Lycan character Server SYSERR: May 23 23:13:23 :: GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion (name test1 race 8 mode 8) Client
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    If you have the game folder in / usr / game, right-click on "game" and select "properties". Subsequently, set permissions 0777 and select the check to apply the change to the subfolders.
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    When you start get error "Permission denied"?
  8. open

    Check syslog\syserr of auth\game99\channel1\db
  9. open

    Try: Goto into "libmysql" and put command "gmake clean && gmake". If don't work goto into libmysql and put command "cd src && gmake clean && gmake".
  10. open

    Hi, thank you for answering. I use a similar program but this works better
  11. open

    Check if there is a file called item_proto.txt in the db folder. If it is, add the new value. Add the value you just created in item_name.txt, press [TAB] and enter the name of the item. Then dump these 2 files and move the newly created item_proxy in locale_xxx. Add the graphic and then start the server.
  12. Hi guys, do you know a way to change the .gr2 texture path? I downloaded a program that does not work with .gr2 that have more mesh. I downloaded 3dsmax 7 and tried to export the mesh with the textures but then it does not move in game. Thanks in advance.
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    Search this?
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    Do you have an external exp table at db?