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  1. Hello m2d community, i get a problem with my dsa, when i spawn a gem it comes with skill damage , doesnt matter the lever, clarity, color e.t.c I 've tried to use a cor draconis, to spawn, to spawn one through quest, all the same result. Can anyone help me?
  2. open Where does game events save themselves?

    Oh yes, i am stupid, thought that on this table only pc.getflag etc were saved. Thanks @Syreldar !!!
  3. Hello Guys. So recently i typed "/get" on chat and i saw a lot of not-used not-needed game flags that i want to delete, is this possible? Thanks
  4. open SQL!

    What error do you get?
  5. open Gameforge Current Protos Unpack?

    Thanks to one guy (don't know if he wants to tell his name) i solved my problem! #closerequest
  6. [TOOL] dump_proto with item_proto to SQL converter

    Can i somehow convert it in order to use it for mob_proto?
  7. Greetings guys, So i was wondering if somehow you can extract to xml these protos. Is from the most current patch of Metin2 (Gameforge). I attach them to try yourself! If you unpack them somehow, please, upload so i can download them! Thanks! item_proto mob_proto
  8. Hello! I was wondering if there is any way to extract the item_proto/mob_proto from the official client of Metin2 (most recent patch)? If there is, can you tell me how?
  9. Clean Serverfiles&Source

    Just in time bro! Thanks for your release! <3 Edit: The download link for the INDEX file is dead. Please reupload it!
  10. Basic Serverfiles

    Greetings m2dev community, So recently i was thinking of making a new middleschool pserver. I made a research of what serverfiles exist right now in forums (not only in m2dev) and its getting really annoying that i can't find anything basic. All the serverfiles i find are with pet systems/weapon costumes/offline shops e.t.c that in the most cases are incomplete or buggy af. So my question for this topic is do you have any serverfiles to suggest as basic(similar to official server)? I want to add my own systems(Acce/pet e.t.c) , and i would prefer them completely basic (even without bug fixes). The most important thing for me is the client to be completely compatible with serverfiles (Not Unknown headers e.t.c that can reduce the stability of the server). I know it sounds really stupid what i need, but yeah, that's me i guess. Thanks for your time! To conclude: I need serverfiles, client, source for client/game/db. Waiting for your responses!!!
  11. Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

    I am positive that you have to rebuild the project as release, and not as debug.
  12. NPC/MOB size

    Hello m2d community, I wonder if there is a plugin / command / whatever that can resize a model of an npc/pet (Like Official Pet System that resize the pet to its level). Thanks for your time
  13. [C++]Advanced chat & spam protection

    People cant also use multiple times heart emoticons e.t.c, can it be an exclusion for these?
  14. Metin2 Ninja skills Poison Bug

    Hello everyone, The origin of the problem was on the extra bonus bleeding. After i edited the source part of the ATTACK_POISON and used the poison one without bleeding involved everything was cool again! Thanks everyone for your help!
  15. Metin2 Ninja skills Poison Bug

    The problem is that you cant even catch poison. Players have the same problem too....