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  1. gib Bescheid, wenn ich beim Testen helfen kann...

  2. Sorry for the delay. The new build is ready. I'm looking for volunteers that want to test the new core. Just drop me a pm please, I just need someone to test a few things and we're ready to go for the next rev.
  3. Searching for someone who knows python

    pm me with the error and as many details as possible, I might be able to help you. No need to pay.
  4. Kann man komplette stabile Core, Db und Client von Vanilla bekommen?

    Privatnachricht ist nicht durchgegangen :(

    1. Vanilla


      Sorry, versuch es nochmal. Postfach war voll :)

  5. Vanilla is there anyway i can talk private? I try to send a mensage here.

    1. Vanilla


      Hello, please send another message, my inbox was full :)

  6. This weekend I'll release the next rev. Expect some great additions like I mentioned before. Also thanks to the community this new build will have a lot of minor bugs fixed. Going open source was the best decision in my opinion, I'd never have found them since some of them require a special setup which I'd never do. So yeah, I'd like to thank the community for it's suggestions and fixes. Even though I have very limited spare time to work with the core these days I was able to make big steps with the core and that's all thanks to the community. So yep: Thank you.
  7. The error appears when you compile with -Ofast. Try lowering it to -O3 and if that doesn't hit it, then go with -O2. IT happens only on game, not db I recommend not removing -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib32/metin2 since this specifies the path where libraries are loaded. Of course, that's a typo of mine in the public release (which will be fixed in next version too). It'd be -rpath and not just rpath, which is why you get the error.
  8. at first CFLAGS += -stdlib=libc++ is not needed anymore since FreeBSD already uses libc++ with the most recent versions since.. well, clang is the default compiler and libc++ is now a part of the base system There's no need in adding this variable. Next you need makedepend. It'd be located in devel in the portstree. Also you'd check if your portstree is up to date. To do so, try portsnap fetch update. If this doesn't work (which mostly happens if you install a clean freeBSD [and it's not a wonder ;D]) then just go ahead and use portsnap fetch extract. I recommend rebuilding every port after updating the ports tree. Your warnings were because you used an outdated portstree and the ports are marked as a security risk since.. yeah, they're outdated and maybe have security flaws. After all this you'd be ready to go. Ah, and don't use gmake depend. The instruction is declared as gmake dep and not gmake depend
  9. There's no need to install libcxxrt and libc++ in recent FreeBSD distributions since it's now part of the base system and already included. You don't need to install it manually.
  10. Hey everybody! I've got some news on the upcoming release. Thanks to people sending me code snippets I'm able to crush some bugs that I wasn't able to notice (due to not using the functions as my daily driver). Additionally further vanilla revs will no longer use different locale-files depending on the country. What I mean with this is that it will always read locale.lua in your quest-folder instead of anything else. Though the countries still does count, since it will still be used when moving to the quest directory (for example locale/de or locale/gb). Only the locale.lua is a unified way of reading this file. Next is a total conversion into utf8. This means that also the database will be read with utf8 encoding. If you go ahead and convert your client to utf8 too, you'll be able to send and receive messages with characters you may not be able to use before. utf8 is a unified way of handling charsets and the future vanilla revs will only run with this charset. Of course this may or may not break backwards compatibility. I've chosen to go this route since it fixes a few things I'm also planning for the future and is less error-prone if you only have to deal with one charset. Also it's more simple since the database can (and should!!!) be changed to utf8 and this way represent all the needed characters. Ultimately, if you want to upgrade to higher python versions, utf8 will be needed since it's the only charset more recent python versions will use. And thus, having a server set up for exactly this charset is just perfect. One important note on this - I will not break the easiness of installing the core. This means that I don't want you to have to follow steps just to use the core. I will only turn these features on when you specify it in your CONFIG file. So expect a new option. But I will print a warning if you don't activate the option since it's more or less the future and some day I will just merge in the changes and remove the ability to opt-out.
  11. open Bin compile error

    try it with this: Taken from working sources. No one knows what you did with your client source, how are we supposed to know the details? There's literally nothing we can do but throw working codes from our sources at you and hope they do work.
  12. News to the current state: Game & db are both in final testing. If it works without any kinks I'll ship. Expect it very soon!
  13. 2 problems

    1.) What's the bug about this? You're most likely got a gold rush, that happens rarely or from specific bosses. So either you raised the rate or you just got that, which of course doesn't get affected by your third hand. 2.) What's wrong with the attack? You have tons of options how to boost your attack in polymorph, even in the source you'd do that.
  14. open done

    Sorry, but our crystal ball is in cleansing today. If you have a bug with someone's stuff you'd ask him. Not everyone here on this board bought his source so it's the wrong place to ask for support.
  15. This is a thread for the vanilla source, so please send a PM if you're interested in help with other topics. I do not have your source and therefore I am unable to help you with this error unless you give me a proper bug report. Please refrain from error reports which are not related to the vanilla source published here. If you modify anything on the source I can't help you with this especially since people will think the source would be buggy. Please send a Pm for such concerns.