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  1. Nope, the error is not related to the quest at all. You might want to try and reproduce the quest to see which conditions are needed for this bug to trigger. Maybe something in your quest is wrong.
  2. you've built devIL the wrong way. Make sure it's built with clang and 32 bit (it you're running a 64 bit os). The linker found your lib but it can't use it (that's why it's telling you it's skipping the incompatible lib).
  3. simple as that - don't let the bonus overexceed 100 There are some bonuses that do not increase your rates by a certain amount but the chance to actually get a boost. Stacking exp bonuses for example doesn't work like you'd expect it to. The most common exp bonus doesn't add to your exp, but it is chance to get a bonus. If you exceed these bonuses over 100 the server is warning you since.. well, it isn't made for p-servers and their unrealistic high bonuses. So how to fix it? Either disable it via source/dif or simply don't let the people exceed them. The warning even tells you what bonus you're exceeding and how far you're doing that.
  4. But he is absolutely right. The Client normally doesn't handle damage values if there's a critical hit. Though there's still something implemented which you can use for your needs. The client is able to display different styles depending on the damage types. For example poison could possibly be showed in a different style - and critical hits too. He even showed you the line which does that. Normally it's commented so the client doesn't use it. If you remove the comment, the client will use the critical.mse to determine the way it shows critical hits. And in effect\affect\damagevalue you can find everything you need, even the critical.mse with which you can display different colors. In your case that is violet. I think both of you need to calm down a bit... There's no need for insulting each other. We don't need prejudices against romanian people and we also do need to insult others as idiots.. especially when they present you the solution to your problem.
  5. open

    Are there any relevant logs? Check syslog at the time you're opening the cube and place some items. This way we can determine if there's any error or strange behaviour from the server. Not being able to place items could also be related to the clientside part but I wouldn't count on that.
  6. most of the stuff is in the client source as the colors are defined by the damage type. For example if the damage you're dealing is marked as a critical strike, the client chooses different files for displaying the damage. You need to change that in the source, it's not too difficult once you've found it.
  7. you can simply replace the g++ with c++ but if the source isn't adapted you may run into some problems when compiling with clang. You'll have to make some changes to the source.
  8. check your Makefile and change your g++ to a compiler that's actually present in the system. g++ is from older systems where gnu cc was the standard compiler. Now we have clang and there you'd use c++ or install a compiler manually. This way you can also install and use gcc but you shouldn't use "g++" as your compiler in your Makefile.
  9. Regarding "Questions and answers". Wouldn't it be best if you can create a coloured tag [SOLVED] and a red tag [OPEN] so everyone can see if the question is already done or not? Of course this may require some cleanup from mods since users won't always set a thread to solved... But I think this way you have a better overview and if you search the board you can see similar topics which may have been answered.
  10. That's actually a quite good idea. Next vanilla release will have a offline message system based on c++ and txt. Also mail system incoming. With open source you can just get it from the vanilla sources then. No need to pay
  11. if you're force closing your server you'll get serious trouble. You'd check that you're doing a so called grace shutdown. Give your server time to sync the dbcache with your database. Otherwise you'll loose items. That's why companies have a larger span of time for their maintenances.
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind feedback. next build is coming soon. If everything goes as planned we'll hit stable soon. And no, I don't plan on releasing a bin like I do it with the core. Maybe some day in the future but currently there are no plans. I'm also onto the problem with compiling under release mode and I think I found it. Next build should work without any problems in release mode

    please source for vs 2013 or 2015 for windows server files vanilla anymore pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

  14. I fixed the download link, now you can download the compiled version
  15. @Hik: Please post a backtrace. Otherwise we're unable to help you.