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  1. open Problem get_mount quest function

    Maybe it's just a small mistake but did you recompile and replace the core with your new version? And did you double-check that it's added to the list before the NULL, NULL entry? And you saved everything and recompiled the core with the changes? Because it seems like something went wrong, the program can't find the function.
  2. open Problem get_mount quest function

    This is the whole implementation? I guess you're missing something. You need to add it to void RegisterPCFunctionTable(). In your case this should look like: { "get_mount", pc_get_mount },
  3. open Pay for the fix..

    where did you get that error? Also, did you try to manually resolve the ip? Is this a hostname resolving to an ip or what's happening there? Without more information it's not possible to help you with that. MySQL seems to have a bug with only numeric hostnames. You can also try and define your own hostname in /etc/hosts and link it to the ip of your machine that's trying to connect. This can also be a pseudo-domain posing as your hostname.
  4. open Problem get_mount quest function

    can we see the implementation in questlua_pc? I guess you didn't add it properly. The error already states that it's added to quest_functions but there's no such called function implemented into the core! So either you misspelled or didn't add it to the core at all.
  5. open Error pid_init

    this is not a syserr! It's a notice for you that the core has been started with the proper pid. You can just disable that with either hex patching or changing that in the source (I'd recommend you change it from syserr to syslog call if you want a clean syserr)
  6. I don't have any problems with typeof.
  7. Hey there! The unify_enable flag should be either 1(true) or 0(false). So if you set it to 1 then it should work New version coming soon with fixed db and some other small changes. Mainly stability stuff, I'm currently working on it through the night and inform you about the progress as soon as I can
  8. Hey vanilla please check your inbox , its kinda important 

  9. https://mega.nz/#!VCx32B4I!7glE1H5RzUSYdKaZUsqylMtsA72cDmlL0X92f8_RX-c 4 inventories, pass is still vanilla Note that you should not use the dbcache provided in this package since it's the same as in 2 inventory which is broken. I still included it, don't ask me why. As soon as the new build is ready I'll upload both of them working.
  10. Try using the older rev. I'll drop dbcache and revert back to an older version. I'll also reimplement the changes I've made asap and bump a new rev. Expect some small treatments as my apologize, I didn't notice the changes until you started reporting them which I truely thank you for For the moment, please continue using the old rev for dbcache, you can still use the new game.
  11. yes, that was my bad. I implemented a 'fix' for mysql libraries >= 20. With more recent libraries I got some strange errors telling me that column names are ambiguous. So I went on and encapsulated every column name. Obviously, this turned out to be not working. The changes are still in db and somewhat causing trouble. As I said, this is only on the most recent version of the dbcache, every older rev should work and do it's job even with the more recent gamecore. I'll still support this new rev db and fix those errors if you keep feeding me with reports
  12. does this work? https://mega.nz/#!JKYnkSQL!QW2o0REhinOmUzUkEryKCdQ6xVANf1YuhtGQ_EQaV5k
  13. Okay, everybody. I found the problem and it's related to a change I tried when moving to higher mysql libraries. Therefore the dbcache is marked as probably unstable. I fixed it, but it's not sure if anything else may cause a crash. Please use the new dbcache only for debugging purposes. The new revision is backwards-compatible with earlier revs of our dbcache, so you don't need to worry about that. It could be that everything works now but I can't make a clear statement about this since more testing needs to be done. I reverted all the changes for character login, creation and fetching. New download links: source prebuilt I tested the login and char creation, it'd work now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Gamecore should work without any flaws since I didn't merge the test changes there. Only db is affected.
  14. can you provide logs? Without them I can't see what's going wrong. This is the most recent source, there's no reason to downgrade to lower revs
  15. New source and prebuild package online! I updated the links. They'd work now. same pass. prebuilt source