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Found 4 results

  1. teschio

    linux ubuntu 16

    search one people good on linux for little help contact me pls skype: xxdarkwindxx
  2. I would like to apologize for the post above. I have never worked in FreeBSD for period of time longer. I have done some research about FreeBSD and I agree about most of the things written down bellow - I didnt try much, but as I read, I found out it is great OS and I am thing about installing it to my RPi for home server. Litte back story for what I have wrote. A few people who I know and has far more bigger with Linux/Unix based operating systems (one of them work for IBM as unix support - he hates freebsd, mostly because of M2 noobs, like me...). And when you are surrounded by people who don't like the OS, one more time I am sorry for this hate that I have shared. Why Debian ? Well I am more comfortable with the way it works, it's package manager. But as I watched the rise of newer versions (7,8 and 9) after release the kernel was unstable and I waited around a year before upgrading. The kernel get fixed after few (2-3) months, but the packages are junk even after 10 months (some of them). So I still run my server on Debian 8.
  3. TVC

    Server on Windows?

    Hello. Today i want ask you about its possible create metin2 server on Windows? i think without any VM on clean OS. If its possible, how looking performance between Windows and Linux (FreeBSD or else) Servers and of course on what os its easier to create server and working on it. Thanks for help.
  4. Hi community! How can i compile server source code on linux , how can i run the complied source?