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Found 32 results

  1. map

    Lets skip all the boring part, this is my first map created with we so dont be too harsh Video preview: [Resource & server_attr included] DL:!0VgzVIJL!5TVgPJtEFISGY2O_N0v_GWv0bjgZJXUjud_DLiRjUGg
  2. open

    Hey, Does anyone know how/where to set the way the client loads the map? I mean, I wanna set it to only load the actual part of it and not the whole. Thanks!
  3. Ice Boss Run (2x2) View File Hello! Now i have next new map 2x2 for you. information: Scale - 2x2 Objects - Metin2 Snow Texture - Metin2 Snow Minimap - Yes Shadows - Yes Client Files - Yes Server Files - Yes Screens: Submitter Matesh Submitted 11/11/2014 Category Maps  
  4. Hello i create a new map for exp with flame theme. Please make a comment with your rate. Screens: atlas: Download: Mega VirusTotal
  5. Hello everyone, this is the Xmas Gift from me which includes Thunder&Guatama maps in another version. They are from old project so I thought I could share them with you. Guatama Cliff: Mt Thunder: Download World Editor Pictures: Kind Regards, Sonitex
  6. open

    Good Evening, 0330 18:32:02716 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0330 18:32:02716 :: File "", line 557, in OnUpdate 0330 18:32:02716 :: AttributeError 0330 18:32:02716 :: : 0330 18:32:02716 :: 'int' object has no attribute 'DisableSlotCoverImage' 0330 18:32:02716 :: Code: def OnUpdate(self): # self.RefreshBagSlotWindow() for i in xrange(player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE): GlobalSlot = self.__InventoryLocalSlotPosToGlobalSlotPos(i) if player.GetItemLook(GlobalSlot): self.wndItem.EnableSlotCoverImage(i) else: self.wndItem.DisableSlotCoverImage(i) if player.FindActivedChangeLookSlot(0) == GlobalSlot or player.FindActivedChangeLookSlot(1) == GlobalSlot: self.wndItem.ActivateChangeLookSlot(i) else: self.wndItem.DeactivateChangeLookSlot(i) I´ve checked the code, but i didnt found the error.. Any Ideas? o_O
  7. Hello guys, a friend learned me how to use World Editor and gave me some objects (not used here ). This is my first map ever made. Can you rate this ? (1-10) 1- metin2 oficial maps , 10 - metin2 global maps The map it`s not ready, is just the town ready. If i`ll finish it , i will put it on download. This map may be a kind of map1 map , but different. (too much map in this sentece) PS : I`m glad if someone of you may give me some free objects. And sorry for my english [OLD] - v1.0 -> 1-3% of the whole map [Latest] - v2.0 -> 40-45% of the whole map
  8. Hi, what does this error mean? NOT_FOUND_GLOBAL_POSITION When I warp to this map everything appears black.. I've added everything on the server and client.
  9. Hello Metin2dev, I have a problem with my powermount system. Here you can see: powermount: White lion: With the first one the server don't load the mobs. I don't know why.
  10. Only loading ..... If i created new character can enter the game .. Syserr ( client ) Sry i little speak eng 0713 18:51:23318 :: UnboundLocalError 0713 18:51:23318 :: : 0713 18:51:23318 :: local variable 'metinSocket' referenced before assignment 0713 18:51:23318 :: Syslog ( game99 ) Jul 13 19:13:43.139931 ::, DEFAULT_BGM_NAME) Jul 13 19:13:43.140281 :: InputDB: player_load David 522880x632250x0 LEVEL 105 MOV_SPEED 100 JOB 0 ATG 222 DFG 108 GMLv 5
  11. Heya all, I have created a map, with Town.txt coordinates (example: 99 127) and when I teleport to it, it teleports me to the 0 0. Why is that happening? I appriciate any kind of help! -Sonitex
  12. Hallo, I repack metin2 official client and pack and if I login to the game is all ok, but on 4 maps bug textures: Maps: Metin2_map_CapeDragonHead metin2_map_Mt_Thunder metin2_map_dawnmistwood metin2_map_BayBlackSand syserr: 0526 15:01:43897 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0526 15:02:40898 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR 0526 15:02:40922 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:40974 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41099 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41125 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41388 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41431 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41457 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41485 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41577 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41626 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41642 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41710 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty 0526 15:02:41737 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture - ShadowTexture is Empty Where is error? Repacked by EtherNexus Thanks for help
  13. Hello people, I'll show you a video of the New Dungeon I'm doing, will have 2 Quest that will each give a different utility. Here's the video, I hope you like: All block were made by me, the structures no have collision, then it took me 3 days to make the Dungeon. The size is 8x8.
  14. Hi. Video: More ss:
  15. Hi, today i've made video from my new map for Santhia.. It still not completed yet, but i want to show it you and i wil be glad for some feedback... What make better and so.. This map is without npcs or animals.. About map: - Size 3x3 - over 90 new objects - Some new effects - 35 new textures Thanks for your opinions PS: sorry for some lags
  16. Hey everyone, I started to take mapping seriously and I have 2 questions about it. Since I wanna make some maps with specific environment, I need some costume made trees and other plants. ~Mapping~ (Since I wanna make some maps with specific environment, I need some costume made trees and other plants.) I. What is the best tool to use for making trees and is there any site that offers leaves and trunk textures? I have looked at the Shogun's thread (SpeedTree3) and I have having some troubles. I can't see textures of leaves. They are just white squares. II. Is it possible in WorldEditor to mix 2 or more textures at once and paint with it? Like, I would choose sand-grass-rock textures and I could paint the terrain with all of them. ~Effects~ I am trying to edit warp effect (chance it's color) so they will fit the map environment. I have looked at the effect code and I found this for colors. But I don't know which numbers do I have to insect for specific color. Is there any list of codes&color names or something? List TimeEventColorRed { 0.000000 0.552941 0.551282 0.274510 } List TimeEventColorGreen { 0.000000 0.000000 0.551282 0.286275 } List TimeEventColorBlue { 0.000000 1.000000 0.551282 0.650980 } I would really appreciate your help.
  17. Where can I adjust it that this map will empire blue, this red and this neutral? I mean that this one will be neutral exp map, and this empire. Where do I find that the index number belongs to such and such an empire?
  18. Hello guys I made some updates to my VM and all worked fine... Then I uploaded my files to my Rootserver and channels won't open... I'm getting this syserr: Also I get this syserr in db... My ClientMagaerBoot.cpp is chacked and it's ok
  19. I start to create maps so lets release my first map. I hope you like it!! Pass: rtd_map1.rar
  20. Hey there, here is my new map which is suppost to be major town of Chunjo Kingdom. I will provide only clientside because I have't tested it on server. If you have any problems, send me a message or comment the thread. Have fun with them! [From 3rd February 2016 I do not give help anymore!] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Name: Chunjo Town Map Size: 4x4 Map Environment: Desert Map Photos: Map Download Link:!kAtCCS7a!7m1CiwiSfvS-a23O6RFz4acTrWbPaz-wUuliygbl7rE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edited: Added remaining objects] You will need those too: Other Plants: Plants.rar1.9 MB!wdM1TRhY!EHwV4Vgz3qpECcfWgyQDQ1dgMaKmk-B2gPJiFmMffSk Regards, Sonitex
  21. Hey guys i have a problem with the Tunder mountains im going through Cape up to the portal and when i go through it the server redirects me to the city im using maxmi 4.1 files is there anyone who can help me?
  22. First of all I have no experience about adding a new map and I wanna add this map. Its easy to add serverside files and editing file permissions. In the file there is a ymirwork folder and I dont know what I have to do with it. if you have any source about adding a map you can share me. Please help me about that. Thank you.(Sorry for my bad english)
  23. Hi Metin2Dev. Here stays a Preview of my new map "Boss Land". Hope you Like..
  24. I i have big problem, i create map in the world editor, this map i have in client and server, but if i move at map in a place, game kick me from server, why ? I need help
  25. File Name: Orc labyrinth File Submitter: plechito File Submitted: 04 Oct 2014 File Category: Maps Hi, A lot of new things are out, so there is new official unreleased map - Orc labyrinth. Map is from SG client and there is for you, who haven't it. I really don't know, how function will have this map on official servers, but you can use it as good dungeon. In the pack is new textures for Orc lord too. I don't think it will new boss, but i think it looks good. So have fun with it! PS: Unrar with WinRAR version 5. Screens: Orc lord The map Click here to download this file